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TIPS e-newsletter 18

:::::March 2010::::

:::::    Issue ::::

newsletter_22_r4_c1 In this issue...
newsletter_22_r5_c1 newsletter_22_r5_c2

After a 3 month break (due to increased workload) we have decided to publish the TIPS newsletter on a quarterly basis. You will also notice this newsletter has a slightly different format to complement our brand new TIPS website whichge finally went live a few days ago.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to Michael and Brigitte for all their hard work which has been ongoing for many months. We hope you will enjoy the new look TIPS website but more importantly we hope you will find it even easier to use. The TIPS eNewsletter will continue to bring you the very best selection of high quality features alongside our regular variety of news and gorgeous pictures from you, our readers.

The TIPS website has come to provide much more that the very latest evidence-based information, tips and product reviews. It is an online community written for parents and most importantly it is totally independent, impartial and free from commercial bias. All companies, products or services featured in our e-newsletters are carefully vetted by our team and must fulfil our strict criteria. They must be natural, organic and preferably eco-friendly.

The results of the trial of belly balms have just been published. This is the first time we have tested these products and we are sure you will enjoy trying the latest winning products.

The website featured in this e-newsletter originally sold only natural alternatives to baby mattresses but now sells much many more products. Read more about the Natural Mat Company here.

We have reviewed 2 books about breastfeeding, both are contentious in the way they approach this subject. A children's activity CD, a Dad-to-be information DVD, a new parenting magazine, and a video clip are also reviewed in this issue. And we tell you about forthcoming events and articles. We are sure you'll enjoy our delightful new set of TIPS Testers' photos, our eagerly anticipated 'My Story'which is all about breastfeeding twins.

We also have news of another 'first' for TIPS: Part One of our new feature 'Diary of a Student Midwife'. This diary follow a student midwife's the journey to qualification over the next 3 years.

Check out our newsletter competition to find out how you can win a Natural Mat Coco Mattress and remember to have a look at the 7 mini-competitions. Make sure you email your entries to Brigitte. You too could be a TIPS winner...
Remember if you are not 'in' you can't win!



duckduckFeatured products :: belly balms duckduckduckduckduckduck

Due to requests from Testers we have decided to include belly balms in our skincare trials. Though not directly a baby skincare product, belly balms could easily come into contact with babies. This is why the same strict criteria was used to select every belly balm for this trial. We hope the results of these tests will help you choose a belly balm that's right for you. Although most of the Testers were pregnant at the start of the trial some carried on testing the belly balm after their baby was born.

award graphic award graphic award graphic award graphicaward graphic

I have deliberately avoided the term anti-stretch mark treatment because there is no evidence to prove that any oil (however natural or organic) can absorb deep enough into the skin's layers to stop the development of stretch marks. However, it would seem that using a quality belly balm can help to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks and old section scars (it is not advisable to use oil directly on an open wound). You can read all about the 6 belly balms we tested here.

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For a chance to win 1 of 12 winning belly balms (we have 2 of each brand) check out mini-competition 2.

Featured website duckduckduckduckduck

The Natural Mat Company - Founded in 2000 by Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall (who originally sold mattresses for luxury yachts), this company aims to provide the highest quality mattresses for parents looking for the natural alternative. Hand-crafted in Devon, these mattresses meet all necessary British safety standards without using any chemical fire retardants. No other UK manufacturer has been able to do this.
The breathable, non-allergenic mattresses are 100% natural. They do not have any synthetic materials or plastic covers that can irritate the skin and disrupt sleep. Three styles of mattress are available in standard crib, cot and cot bed sizes. They can also be made to measure. All Natural Mat mattresses come with a removable pure cotton mattress cover which can be washed at 60°C (see diagram below).

The Natural Mat Company's exclusive use of natural and organic materials, care for the environment and provision of expert service will appeal to many parents.

In 2003 The Natural Mat Company opened a shop in Notting Hill to complement its highly successful online business. As well as mattresses, The Natural Mat Company range now includes bedding, duvets, sleeping bags, clothing, nursery furniture and luxury gifts.

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For a chance to win 1  organic Coco mattress up to cot bed size check out the main competition

Featured book :: Breastfeeding older children duckduckduckduck

by Ann Sinnott
Publisher: Free Association Books
RRP: £17.95
Published: 01 December 2009
Format: Paperback 350 pages
ISBN 13: 9781853439391 ISBN 10: 1853439398

book cover eNews-18-book1a

book cover >>>> Jacqui feeding her youngest son

Sharon's intro:

The week before I received this book review, a TIPS Parent Tester contacted me saying how shocked she was at the content of a recent interview on GMTV's Lorraine programme. Lorraine was hosting a debate on the age at which it is acceptable to breastfeed. Her guests included Clare Byam-Cook a private breastfeeding consultant, Ann Sinnott, author of the book we are reviewing and a mother who still breastfeeds her four year old child. As is often the case with media coverage of this subject, the debate focussed on negative aspects of breastfeeding rather than celebrating the positive benefits for all involved! You can watch the clip on and read the comments, including mine, here.
Thankfully the review by another Parent Tester supports the view that this book is really helpful.

Reviewed by Jacqui – TIPS Parent Tester

This book examines breastfeeding older children, and helps the reader form an opinion on this topic. Breastfeeding older children draws on medical evidence provided through current medical opinion and historical findings. Extracts of surveys completed by mothers but also by fathers and children are provided throughout the book.   

The author wants to offer evidence on the benefits of sustained breastfeeding into childhood.  Ann Sinnott has written extensively about health and children's issues for national newspapers and magazines.  In 1994 she was accepted into leader training with La Leche League. This organisation helps mothers to breastfeed by providing mother-to-mother support, information and education. La Leche League also promotes a better understanding of breastfeeding.

The book considers the reasons why some consider this practice beneficial to mother and child, while others don't. Although written mainly with mothers in mind, this book is also useful for their family and friends, health professionals and anyone who is part of a mother's life and support network.

The book is easy to read. It gives detailed information on every aspect of breastfeeding, but the sections are broken up by mums' anecdotal experience which makes the narrative really enjoyable.  Although this book contains detailed technical and medical findings, I believe this is necessary but all text is explained in plain English. The book flows well and does not demand that you agree with every aspect.
The book begins with subject matter most readily relating to 'Breastfeeding – A Global Necessity' and then moves to areas which allow you to question and form your own opinion on subjects you may not have considered before, for example breastfeeding and feminism.

I found this book a compelling read. It reassured me that I had made the right decisions throughout my breastfeeding experience with both my sons. I would hope that new mothers would feel a bond with the mothers whose words of support and often entertaining stories are included in Breastfeeding older children. The information gathered from these mothers is accurate and relevant – readers experience a feeling of trust and honesty conveyed by the many contributors to the book. The experience of breastfeeding is often seen from the child's point of view, this made for a very interesting read. 

Breastfeeding older children exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend this book because it gives a wonderful insight into the miracle of the mother and child relationship, and the benefit of breastfeeding not only for the child and mother, but also for the world around us.

How lovely it would be if this was made available in the bounty packs new mums receive.  The book would also be useful for anyone who supports a breastfeeding mum - healthcare professionals, family and friends.  It may go some way to curb the prejudices that some women face.

Any question you have ever had about breastfeeding will be answered in this book, which also poses questions you may never have thought about, for example how does the father really feel about the mother breastfeeding, regardless of how long it continues for. When I breastfed both my sons I soaked up every piece of information I could find, I suppose I did much the same when I was pregnant. The information contained within Breastfeeding older children goes way beyond what I gleaned through my own findings. I cannot imagine the amount of time Ann Sinnott took to research and write this book taking into account all the detail she has included, I thank and applaud her for having the strength to do this.

Disclaimer - Ann Sinnot was an active member of LLL for many years, and began working towards accreditation as an LLL Leader. Life got in the way of completion however, and her passion for supporting mothers evolved into other areas.
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Featured book :: The Politics of Breastfeeding
– when breasts are bad for business
By Gabrielle Palmer

First published online - 3rd Revised edition (25 April 2009)

Publisher by Pinter & Martin Ltd
book cover mum breastfeeding

©UNICEF 1992 - photo by Mushtaq Khan - Page 271 of second edition

I am a long term fan of Gabrielle Palmer's work. My well-used copy of the 1993 second edition of her book is never far from my desk and I was delighted to be asked to review the third edition.

In today's atmosphere of political correctness, it is unusual to come across an author who tells it like it is - even if this might alienate the large multi-national baby milk companies. Let us not be fooled: baby milk is BIG business - the $ sign on the book cover acknowledges this. Breastfeeding provides the most perfect food for babies (nutritionally, psychologically and emotionally) but is not so easy to sell!
In the preface of the second and third editions, Gabrielle apologises for having to write another edition - but I suspect this will not be the last. The text charts the great strides taken in breastfeeding promotion but we are left feeling that the baby milk manufacturers continue to stay one step ahead. If we fail to keep pace it will get harder to institute the sort of radical changes that will restore breastfeeding to its rightful place, namely the first and only option when it comes to infant feeding.

Gabrielle devotes a whole chapter to the World Health Organisation International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (the Code). This serves to frustrate the reader, who realises that its rules are constantly ignored. If NHS and Midwifery organisations' policy makers were to read Gabrielle's  book, I am sure they would hesitate to accept any form of sponsorship from a company with a vested interest in promoting a second rate nutritional supplement - with all its inherent dangers.

I can only give you a flavour of what this book has to offer, but I can guarantee it will have a lasting effect on any reader who takes the time to digest every word.
If, like me, you are a passionate advocate of breastfeeding who also wants to find out more about the history of how we got to where we are today, then this book is for you. It is backed up by excellent references and resources and I believe it is a 'must-have' for every student midwife.

The new edition includes many pictures from previous editions with one notable exception: an Indian mother breastfeeding her male twin (thriving on her milk) while also bottle feeding her tiny female twin (this malnourished baby died the following day) - this was on page 271 of the 1993 edition. This picture had a profound effect on me and its exclusion may unwittingly dilute the enormity of this issue so shockingly portrayed by this one image (see picture above).

Sadly, much of the misinformation surrounding breastfeeding described so effectively by Gabrielle continues - mostly unchecked. This book should serve as a warning to all of us of the dangers associated with putting profits before health.
Review by Sharon
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Featured CD ::
Fun, Fitness & Music with Amanda's Action Club

Suitable for infants and toddlers aged 4 months to 4 years

CD 12 Tracks - RRP £9.99
CD 12 tracks with Personalised CD - Just £15.99
Get it online

  • Have your child's picture and a 'special message' printed on your own personalised copy of Amanda's Fun, Fitness & Music Album.  You'll be able to submit your 'special message' and a suitable picture of your infant/toddler directly from your computer via Amanda's 'customisation' form.
  • For more information please call Sandra Skiba on 077 483 212 66
    or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Fun, Fitness & Music CD by Amanda's Action Club is great and my children loved playing the CD. The aim of the music CD is to promote physical activity for babies and young children (4 months to 4 years). It is based on the six areas for learning for Early Years education and hopes to help motivate little ones to get fit and be active. Both my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves dancing and basically running about daft while it was on, so it definitely had the desired effect: to get them moving!! The CD comes with a handy workout guide which explains the actions to use along with the 12 songs. All the songs are well known favourite children's songs, including "If You're Happy And You Know It" and "Humpty Dumpty". Each song gives numbers which correspond to the area of learning that it covers - this is very useful. Although I struggled to get my children to follow the actions to the songs, they had great fun playing and interacting with mum and dad, as well as each other. We were very active for about 20 mins each time the DVD was played so I would definitely call this an effective workout!

Reviewed by Nicola – TIPS Parent Tester
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For a chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Amanda's CD check out mini-competition 3

Featured DVD :: Being Dad (Pregnancy and Birth) duckduckduck

40 Dads, 7 experts, 9 months, 80 minutes…
RRP: £19.99
Studio: Seedsman Group
DVD Release Date: October 7, 2008
View trailer on YouTube

Overall I liked this DVD, but my partner was not convinced. I like the informal way in which the information is presented, and it does cover most topics of pregnancy. Having a group of dads and dads-to-be sitting in a pub sharing their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth makes for a light-hearted DVD – unlike some programmes on childbirth that I've seen where experts' interviews can make the content a bit clinical.

I could relate to many of the men's comments and stories -  we have done similar things (like buying 3 or 4 pregnancy tests just to be 110% sure I was pregnant!). I was glad to see that the topic of women having miscarriages and babies being born stillborn was covered. Although this is difficult to discuss, I think it is important for parents to be aware of the risks and also to know that they are not alone. It can be helpful to hear how other people coped. When the dads discussed sex during pregnancy, it was quite amusing to hear that most dads do worry about damaging or traumatising their baby in some way through having intercourse - I remember a similar conversation with my partner when we were expecting our first baby!
I also loved the section when Toby (the man who is about to become a dad and whose life the DVD follows in the run up to the birth) is challenged by his wife to wear an empathy belly (pregnancy simulator) for 3hrs around London. Personally, I think this should be made mandatory for all dads-to-be. It might just give them a small insight into what women have to go through during pregnancy!

Towards the end the DVD covers labour, induction and then pain relief. To be honest I felt too much emphasis was put on having an epidural, perhaps because this is what Toby's wife Stacey chose to do during labour. It was mentioned that some women can manage without any pain relief but there was no mention of alternatives to epidurals, for example breathing and relaxation techniques, hypnosis, gas and air or pain-killing injections. Water births were mentioned by a couple of the dads but were not discussed with the medical professionals. They could've explained the benefits for the baby and mum of using less invasive measures. The risks associated with epidurals were not covered.

As soon as Toby's daughter Matilda was born, she was placed straight onto her mum's chest but her mum had a t-shirt on and the baby was covered in a blanket. I would've preferred to have seen the baby being placed skin-to-skin. In the DVD health professionals explained this is best for baby, however it was good to hear them advising that if mum was unable to do this for whatever reason, then dad should take his shirt off and hold his baby skin-to-skin.

I do think most first time dads would find the DVD helpful, however I think it was a bit on the long side. At times the discussions were a bit repetitive. The DVD could've been shortened to perhaps 60 mins instead of 90 mins. My partner did not enjoy the DVD and said he would not have bought it and wouldn't recommend it. However he is not the type of dad to read baby books or watch baby DVDs - he probably sees it as being more my department so he is possibly not the audience the DVD was aimed at anyway!

I would say that a man who wants to be really hands on and involved with his partner throughout the pregnancy, and wants to feel he is prepared and knows what to expect, would definitely enjoy watching this DVD. They should consider buying it.
Review by Nicola, TIPS Tester
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For a chance to win a copy of the Being Dad DVD check out mini-competition 4

nEw featured *** :: Magazine launch* ** n Ew duckduckduckduck

Visit the Baby London pre-launch website for your chance to win over £2,500 worth of parent-related prizes in their 'one winner takes all' Baby Bumper competition!

Prizes include £800 of Venture Studio Photography, £500 of Blossom Mother and Child gift vouchers, £330 of Nursery goods from Fisher-Price a Maclaren Cath Kidston Red Spot Buggy, a relaxing break to a Luxury Family Hotel and much more!

magazine magazineGreatVine logo

Simply register your details here for a chance to win and for a FREE no-obligation copy of our new launch title, Baby London magazine. On-sale soon, usually priced £2.95.

A special feature called 'Ask the experts', in association with my friends at can be found on page 62-65 featuring FAQs by Vicky Warr - Pre & Postnatal Fitness Expert, Geraldine Miskin - Independent Breastfeeding Specialist and Madeleine Richardson - Sex & Relationships Psychotherapist.

Sharon is one of the Greatvine experts you can speak to sharon live, by phone, for one-to-one help with Breastfeeding or Baby Skincare

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Featured event :: Glasgow Baby Show duckduckduckduckduckduck

23 - 25 April 2010
Find more information online

baby show logo jackson reece logo

I am delighted to be joining the team at Jackson Reece Baby Wipes stand (410F) where they will be selling their award winning bio-degradable, eco-friendly, carbon conscious baby wipes. This excellent product has won four TIPS awards (Best of the best award in 2007, Editors Choice award in 2008 and two in 2009 - Best of the best and Best eco-friendly). I will be on hand to give new parents the most up-to-date advice regarding baby skincare issues and will be handing out copies of the latest version of the Babycare - back to basics™ leaflet, so please come along and say hello.
For more information visit the Jackson Reece website:

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Featured event :: Hit the Ground Crawling duckduckduckduckduck

First national conference
27 April 2010
Marriott Hotel Leicester
Get more information online



A conference about early engagement with expectant and new dads, Hit the Ground Crawling (HTGC) is a groundbreaking antenatal training programme for expectant and new fathers, launched in the UK by the Fatherhood Institute last year.

Facilitated by trained midwives, health visitors or Children's Centre staff, HTGC gives groups of dads-to-be the opportunity to learn childcare skills from new fathers and their babies. HTGC is up-and-running in 10 English local authorities and the evaluations of the programme in Stafford are extremely positive.

Join us at our national Hit the Ground Crawling Conference on 27 April 2010 at the Marriott Hotel Leicester to discover more about this pioneering programme - and the benefits to families of early engagement with fathers, the power of mentoring and the cost benefits to service providers.

The standard delegate fee is £195 + VAT (additional delegates £175 + VAT). Fee for delegates from existing Hit the Ground Crawling programmes is £175+ VAT. Charity delegates pay £150 + VAT.

You can find out more or get a booking form here.
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For a chance to win a place at the HTGC conference (worth over £200) check out mini-competition 5


duckduckFeatured articles :: Midirs Digest duckduckduckduckduckduckduckduck

Midirs logo GreatVine logo

I am thrilled to announce that the TIPS Tongue-tie Toolkit (featured in TIPS eNewsletter 17) has attracted so much interest that the highly respected Midirs Digest have just published a short article about it. TIPS Ltd is also promoted within the article which contains details of the many useful resources available to both parents and professionals including news of the TIPS Award Scheme.

You can download the TIPS toolkit from:

The full reference for this article is:Trotter S. Raising awareness among parents of treatments for tongue-tie. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, vol 20, no 1, March 2010, pp 83-5.
Original article. © MIDIRS 2010.
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duckduckFeatured video clip :: Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) water birth at vimeo duckduckduckduckduckduck

vimeo logo

You can watch this clip here....

I thought this video was truly inspiring, I was sobbing! As a midwife whose life work is to provide parents with the best and safest advice on all midwifery issues (breastfeeding and baby skincare are my specialist subjects) I have also experienced 4 VBACs (one weighing over 12lbs!) after a very traumatic emergency section.

I hope that providing a link to this excellent video will help spread the word about this wonderfully moving film.

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Featured podcasts :: My Baby Radio duckduckduckduckduckduck

my baby radio logo

Launching on DAB digital radio in April 2010 - Broadcasting across Cheshire, Staffordshire and North East Wales.

Sharon's latest interview on tongue-tie is now available online. Previous interviews on breastfeeding, baby skincare, cup feeding, baby baths, cuddle towels, decongestants and many more are broadcast regularly on in the 'ask an expert' slot (between 11am and noon, and again between 5 and 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click on the logo at on our homepage and follow the link to 'Today's shows'  then click on 'Tune in' to listen online.
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nEw feature *** :: Diary of a Student Midwife (Part 1)* ** n Ew duckduckduckduckduckduck

We are very excited about our latest regular feature which plans to follow the journey of a Student Midwife as she moves closer to her dream of becoming a qualified Midwife.

Part 1 includes her first thoughts and fears as she enters a new world of study, assignments and potentially scary presentations. We are invited to share the beginnings of new relationships with fellow students and lecturers who will doubtless become members of new family over the next three years of training. We have decided to keep the identity of the author under wraps to safeguard confidentiality while at the same time guaranteeing freedom of speech.

You can read Part 1 of the diary here.....
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Featured My Story :: Breastfeeding Twins... duckduckduckduck

We are delighted to bring you a moving story written by Melanie, one of our Parent Testers. It charts the first few months following the birth of her twins, a boy and a girl, as they get to know each other and learn to breastfeed. It contains vital tips on what may or may not help a new mother as she decides the best way to breastfeed. Do you feed both babies at the same time or do you feed them separately and what happens if you need to be separated from one of your babies? 

You can read the full story and see the amazing collection of beautiful photos here.
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duckduck*** latest new *** duckduckduckduckduckduck

Brand new chapter by Sharon…

Care of the Newborn by Ten Teachers

Hilary Lumsden and Debbie Holmes
Paperback RRP: £22.99
ISBN: 9780340968413 Published: 29/01/2010

book cover

Almost two years ago I was invited by Hilary Lumsden to write a chapter on neonatal skincare for a proposed publication.

Part of the popular Ten Teachers series, Care of the Newborn by Ten Teachers presents a detailed account of care of the normal neonate, including the minor health problems that midwives are expected to deal with on a daily basis, and provides care and treatment strategies for the neonate and family.

I am delighted to see the final result in print complete with my very own chapter (7) which includes 3 pictures of my baby sons and a testimonial from a TIPS Parent Tester.

Download the order form here to get a 20% discount on this book - university lecturers can apply for a free copy.
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Toddler Cameron (complete with milky moustache!) showing us how proud he is of Daddy – what a lovely smiley picture! [back to top]
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Here is big sister-to-be planting a kiss on Mummy's 36 week tummy! Three weeks later and 8 days early Nicole was joined by baby Brendan (see picture below). Check out Nicole's wide grin of pure pleasure as she finally gets to cuddle her new brother! [back to top]

baby and toddler

TIPS family


Here is Olivia, looking gorgeous in her party frock, celebrating her first birthday in style with her Mummy and Daddy! [back to top]
TIPS breastfeeders

baby at breast

Here is baby Rachael (baby sister of our featured toddler) giving us the cheekiest grin as she enjoys her bedtime feed aged 21 months. I had asked Mum if she wanted to share one of her breastfeeding shots with us and she was delighted to oblige saying; 'every time I get the camera out she stops sucking to smile at the camera - she's such a poser!!' [back to top]

toddler and doll

Here is a delightful picture of toddler Grace showing us how she feeds her dolly. Thank you to Mummy for sending us this lovely shot. Click here to read the most amazing Dr Seuss poem all about breastfeeding!
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If your photos are featured, we will send you a dedicated copy of Sharon's book Breastfeeding: the essential guide.
Baby care – back to basics™


Version 6 (updated in line with the latest research) is now available. Sponsored by TIPS award winning company Jackson Reecebaby wipes ( this award winning leaflet is distributed around the UK at various professional and parenting events. Supplies can also be purchased by health professionals or maternity units – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Not only does this leaflet give you all the hints and tips you need on baby skincare issues, skin-to-skin contact and feeding but it now covers the latest and safest advice on reducing the risk of cot death.
If you would like a free copy of this leaflet please
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

leaflet pages

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jackson reece logo

TIPS tip of the month

HomePlates logo

HomePlates - It's time to get rid of the plain, white, boring switch and add the perfect "finishing touch" to your child's room -- in seconds. HomePlates Switch Covers require NO Rewiring and fit over all brands of single UK switches. 100's of designs from which to choose, HomePlates are affordable and unique decorative accessories, great gifts, and a fun way to update the look of any room. You can even design your own. See the full range here...

For your chance to win one of 2 Home Plates (we have 1 for a boy and 1 for a girl) check out mini-competition 1 below
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forum logo

On the TIPS Forum, members discuss a wide range of subjects, including breastfeeding, baby skincare, parenting, stay-at-home mums, pregnancy, postnatal depression, movies and shopping offers. It remains intimate enough for members to really get to know each other but with but with 142 topics and many more threads to join the possibilities for discussion are endless. Register for the Forum here... [back to top]
TIPS competitions .....
main competition...


Our featured website, The Natural Mat Company has kindly donated 1  organic Coco mattress up to cot bed size (70 x 140cm).

For a chance to win all you have to do is email the word 'Naturalmat' to Brigitte (please tell us what size mattress you need) by 26 May 2010 -  we will announce the winner in e-newsletter 19

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mini-competition 1

HomePlates logo

We have 2 Home Plates (worth £7.99 each) to give away..


For a chance to win one of these, email the words 'Homeplate princess' (if you would like a HomePlate for a girl) or 'Homeplate car' (if you would like a HomePlate for a boy) to Brigitte here
by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 2

For a chance to win 1 of 12 belly balms (we have 2 of each winning products to give away) please email the words 'belly balms' to Brigitte here by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 3


For a chance to win 1 of 5 CDs by Amanda's Action Kids email the words 'Amanda's CD' to Brigitte here by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 4


For a chance to win a copy of our featured DVD Being Dad (Pregnancy and Birth) email the words 'Being Dad DVD' to Brigitte here by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 5
For a chance to win a place at the Hit the Ground Crawling conference (worth over £200) email the word 'HTGC' to Brigitte by 31 March. We will announce the winner in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 6


Grainne Kelly, founder of BubbleBum, developed the world's first inflatable, safety approved, portable car booster seat. BubbleBum has been designed to be small, light, practical and easy to use. Perfect even for quick taxi journeys and travel abroad. For more details visit their website

For a chance to win to win one of two BubbleBum travel booster seats email the word 'BubbleBum' to Brigitte here by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19
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mini -competition 7


Dr Bronner's Baby Mild Body Balm (14g)
Certified to the same USDA National Organic Standards that certify foods, this baby balm is based on pure organic oils and beeswax. The organic jojoba oil with organic beeswax avocado and hemp oils soothes baby's dry skin anywhere.

For a chance to win 1 of 5 Dr Bronner's Magic 'All-One' Baby Balm email the word 'Dr Bronner' to Brigitte here by 26 May 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 19.
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TIPS winners .....

15 Nov – 14 Dec 2009

Q: How much does Sharon's book Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide cost on
A: £5.99
Winner: Faye from Torquay

15 Dec – 14 Jan 2010

Q: How many TIPS e-newsletters have we published so far?
A: 17
Winner: Simone from Bury

15 Jan  – 26 Feb 2010
Q: What is the most common problem our breastfeeding Testers have listed on their TIPS registration form: Mastitis, positioning & attachment or undersupply of milk?
A: positioning & attachment
Winner: Karriann from Kent

e-newsletter 17

main competition
The 2 lucky winners of the Boobie Buddie Doll sets are Tracey from England and Philippa from Bedfordshire.

  • The 2 lucky winners of the Swimava swim rings are: Andrea from London and Sarah from Sussex.
  • The 6 lucky winners of the Bentley Organic toy sanitizer are: Gillian from Ayrshire, Sarah from Cambridgeshire, Kim from Derbyshire, Eileen from Staffordshire, Rebecca from Northamptonshire and Nicola from Dorset.
  • The 5 lucky winners of the Hydrate for health drink bottles are Matt from Yorkshire, Jo from Cambridgeshire, Marica from London, Pauline from West Midlands and Jacqui from Yorkshire.
  • The lucky winner of The Annabel Karmel cookery book is Julie from Ayrshire.

  • The lucky winner of the £5 Amazon voucher is Heather from Hampshire.

  • The 5 lucky winners of the 'Living with Max' book are Kat from Surrey, Angela from Sussex, Emma from Leicestershire, Louise from Lanarkshire and Sabrina from Kent.
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