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TIPS e-newsletter 6

:::::February 2008::::

:::::    Issue ::::

newsletter_22_r4_c1 In this issue...
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Happy New Year and welcome to our sixth TIPS newsletter.

By the way we are still looking for our 200th parent tester, so tell your friends to register for free. They could win the wonderful prize of a tummy tub and luxury TIPS bath towel!

I can report that the awards pages continue to be the most popular pages on TIPS. This is wonderful and shows how useful these reviews are becoming for new parents. If you have any ideas for new categories you would like me to cover email me and I will do what I can to source the best products available. Read the late news section of this newsletter for details of our latest product testing.

Once again I must say a big thank you to all the companies involved for their generosity in supplying the many wonderful samples for you to test. 

New to this issue is the addition of a TIPS family photo. If you would like to be featured as one of our TIPS families (don’t forget our TIPS baby and TIPS toddler) then send us your snaps and there is a signed copy of Breastfeedingthe essential guide up for grabs for pictures published in the TIPS e-newsletter.

You can still check out our FAQs on breastfeeding and baby skincare but read on to see my top tips for our featured websiteseventsbookDVD, article, and of course competitionwinners. Don't forget to enter the TIPS e-competitionnewsletter competitionT-shirt mini competitionDVD mini competition and Little Me mini competition. Remember if you’re not ‘in’ you can’t win!

Happy testing!


sharon banner


Dedicated advice line: Remember you can contact me on my own Speak Now number, you can call me anytime on 09064006215* if I am unable to answer immediately, press 1 and you will receive a free text to alert you when I am next free.

My speciality subjects are breastfeeding and baby skincare although I am happy to take calls on any midwifery related issues.

Press and Media: If you are looking for expert advice on midwifery related topics you can also call me on my advice line.

*£1.50/min from a BT landline. Calls from Mobiles and other networks may vary.


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tipsducktipsduckNew TIPS DVD review :: Birthing Sense.tipsducktipsduck

Birthing Sense – Making sense of pregnancy, birth and baby - $AUD89.95 (=£40)
3DVD set by Leanne Cummins of

Leanne Cummings has brought together a hand-picked team of contributors (professional and lay people) to provide parents with a comprehensive preparation for parenthood.
I must praise all the presenters for their clear and genuine presentation skills which ensure these DVDs are so much more than just a training tool. It is obvious from the comprehensive subject matter and attention to detail just how much thought went into each segment.
The three DVDs could not fail to impress any new parent looking for honest realistic commonsense advice to guide them from pregnancy to parenthood. The use of personal accounts to highlight certain issues is compelling. This can be tricky when covering subject matter that has the potential to be ‘dry’, whereas, in this case the opposite becomes true. These generous individuals bring life to each new segment and the viewer is left in no doubt about the relevance of each person’s advice.
Not only was the information accurate and evidence-based, it was presented with genuine concern for the new parent which must be highly commended.
I particularly liked the holistic approach to care during pregnancy which runs through the whole DVD. This is in contrast to the more medical model of care that, too often, sees pregnancy as a ‘problem’ waiting to happen! 
The lovely idea to include ‘out-takes’ at the end of each DVD is a delightful touch, reinforcing the informal approach. You can also skip from one section to another which means you can dip into the advice as and when you need to. This puts the viewer in control being both useful and time-efficient.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this set of DVDs to new parents who, for whatever reason, cannot attend or do not live close enough to a unit where antenatal classes are offered. 
©Sharon Trotter 2008


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured website ::

Lactivist (


Set up by Lisa Cole, breastfeeding mum and passionate advocate of breastfeeding (aka Moo Mum). This site sells a lovely selection of funky t-shirts, bags, badges, magnets and stickers with pro-breastfeeding slogans. For details of how to become a breastfeeding counsellor, online forums for 24/7 advice and forthcoming breastfeeding events there is also
There is also an excellent list of resources on her links page including, you guessed it, TIPS Limited!



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tipsducktipsduckFeatured website ::www.greatdad.comtipsducktipsduck

Great Dad (


In our previous newsletter, we featured the website fathers Direct (now called which is based in the UK. In this issue we would like to tell you about the American based website written from the man’s perspective. This is also a great resource for mums and might even give us women a better understanding into how the male brain deals with the complexities of parenting! I was encouraged and delighted to see breastfeeding actively promoted which is another reason to point your partner in the direction of this comprehensive site.



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tipsducktipsduckFeatured book :: The Fussy baby booktipsducktipsduck

The Fussy baby Book by Sears and Sears (2005)
ISBN: 0007198256 - £9.99 (UK)


If you have a baby that wants to be carried more, cries more, feeds more and does not seem to sleep much you might want to read this book. If your baby does not fit the ‘easy baby’ mould of your friends, it will not criticise you for being a bad mum or say your baby needs a routine established. 
It dispels the crazy notion that a baby should be left to cry, in order to exercise its lungs or to teach it self control! A baby cries because it needs to survive and because it’s the only way to communicate their needs. A baby longs to be held and cuddled because it was constantly comforted in the womb. Attachment parenting is a good thing, not just for high need babies, but all babies. We have more in common with primates who carry their infants everywhere than birds who leave their youngsters in a nest.
As a first time (and often exhausted) mother who had not thought much about co-sleeping, demand feeding, or baby wearing while pregnant, this book was easy to dip into for the odd five minutes. It helped me regain some sanity and my sense of self. I had instinctively carried my baby everywhere, even to the bathroom, as he cried when left alone. I somehow knew he needed to be near me. Two months on, I can go to the bathroom alone, but he knows I am nearby. In the big scheme of things my baby’s need to be near me is a passing phase so like nappies and breast milk; he will not need them forever.
The Fussy Baby Book explains what a ‘high need baby’ is. They are, among other things; intense, hyperactive, draining, feed frequently, demanding, awaken frequently, unpredictable and are unable to be put down. As a parent you may feel alone, defensive, resentful, critical, controlled, inadequate, worried and lost. However, it is worth bearing in mind that, in the long run, these babies are more creative, more confident and people aware. 
This realistic book encourages you to think of the time spent supporting your baby as an ‘investment’ rather than a ‘drain’ on your resources. This lowers expectations to be ‘supermum’ which in turn reduces any anxieties you may have as a new parent. 
More importantly, this book offers survival tips and some stories from parents of high need children. I found the mother burnout tips so useful. I have no wish to be lectured to by ‘baby experts’ who delight in telling me to formulate rigid routines or ration time with my baby, I want to be able to follow my instincts. If this is how you feel then this book is definitely for you. 
Review by Wendy, Parent tester for TIPS Ltd
©TIPS Ltd 2008


tipsducktipsduckFeatured event :: NCT Scottish Regional Team First Road Showtipsducktipsduck

Kilmarnock, 16th February 2008


St Kentigern’s Parish Church, Dunbar Drive, Kilmarnock 

Sharon is delighted to be speaking at this event. Please follow this link for more details.
For more information please follow this link to email Ruth or follow this link to email Barbara Purdie
or call 07733 304 341
You can also get the full programme and booking form


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured event :: Bra fitting awareness coursetipsducktipsduck

February - August 2008

bras4mums logo

Bra fitting awareness course
February – August 2008
RCM accredited by

Click here for more details


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured article :: Sharon in NIPtipsducktipsduck


Sharon’s latest article on baby skincare and cordcare has just been published in the Nursing in practice magazine. In it, Sharon explains why it is important to avoid the use of manufactured baby products for the first month of life, and why following this advice could play a significant part in reducing the worryingly high rates of dry skin conditions, asthma and related allergies. Follow this link to view the full article.

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tipsduck :: TIPS ::..Late News....Late News....Late News....tipsduck

Largest independent trial of nursing bras and tops

I had hoped to announce the results in this newsletter but due to the Christmas and New Year break they have taken longer than expected to arrive. I am busy collating the 220+ score sheets and will be writing the 40 reviews over the next two weeks. The final results should be online during February so keep checking back for details. Meanwhile you can still see the nursing bras 2005 results.
Plans are well under way for a new trial of ergonomic baby baths and cuddle towels. We are also hoping to test baby slingswashable nappies and eco-friendly disposable nappies so if you have any favourites that you would like to include please email Sharon.


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tipsduck :: TIPS::Competition winnerstipsduck


15 November - 14 December 2007

Q What American magazine has just featured the TIPS Awards for baby skincare products? 
A The Mothering Magazine
Winner Annette from Skegness


15 December – 18 January 2008
Q What is the RRP of the winning open top cup?
A £3.50
Winner: Kat from Croydon


Mini competitions

book competition - The winner of the ‘BabyGreen’ book by Jill Barker is Andrea from London

cup competition
- The twelve lucky winners of Doidy cups are: Noreen from Glasgow, Jeenyfrom Leicester, Kate from Northampton, Val from Ayr, Gillian from Greenock, Caryn from Troon,Sarah from Lytham, Rhona from Linlithgow, Juliet from Hatfield, Allison from London, Lesleyfrom Kilmarnock, Satu from Glasgow.


e-newsletter 5 competition

The winner of our wonderful Tummy Tub filled with TIPS Award winning baby skincare products (worth £120) is Lynn from Prestwick.


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sharon banner

Remember you can contact me on my own Speak Now number, you can call me anytime on 09064 0062 15* if I am unable to answer immediately, I promise to call you back. My speciality subjects are breastfeeding and baby skincare although I am happy to take calls on any midwifery related issues.

Press and Media: If you are looking for expert advice on midwifery related topics you can also call me on my advice line.

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TIPS baby


We thought you would enjoy this gorgeous photo of baby Matthewgazing longingly at his first toy penguin. Thank you to mum Wendy for sending this in.
A signed copy of ‘Breastfeeding: the essential guide’ is on its way to you
TIPS toddler


We like to feature pictures that are a little different and this one ticked all the boxes. Here is Izzy swimming under water. Thank you Dad Jo for sending this in and your signed copy is in the post!
TIPS family


Welcome to our latest addition, a TIPS family photo. This is a lovely snap ofbaby Dylan with his parents. Mummy has been a parent tester since June 2007 and recently took part in the nursing bra trial. Thank you for all your hard work and your signed copy of Breastfeeding: the essential guide is on its way.
If you would like your baby or todder to feature in the next issue of the TIPS e-newsletter, just email me their picture.
Babycare – back to basics™ leaflet (version 7) – out now!


This award winning leaflet is distributed around the UK at various professional and parenting events. Health professionals and maternity units can buy hard copies – email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. As well as all the hints and tips you need about baby skincare, skin-to-skin contact and feeding but, this leaflet now includes the latest and safest advice on reducing the risk of cot death. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like a free copy.

We are working on the draft for version 8 - so watch out for updates on the TIPS website.

TIPS top tips!

Colcynth 30c granules is a homeopathic remedy for colic. Place a few granules on the baby's tongue before each feed. This should help within 24-48 hours.

TIPS competitions
T-shirt mini-competition

Lisa Cole, has kindly donated a size 3-6mth T-shirt plus a collection of breastfeeding goodies for the first person out of the hat.
To enter email the word MooMum to Brigitte. The winner wil lbe announced in the next issue of our e-newsletter.

DVD mini-competition

We have two copies of the excellent Birthing Sense 3DVD set to give away.
To enter email the word Birthingsense to Brigitte. The winner wil lbe announced in the next issue of our e-newsletter.

special mini-competition

I am delighted to announce that the generous people at Sierra Distribution have kindly agreed to donate one of their innovative bedside cots (RRP £239 - includes the mattress, quilted lining, one fitted sheet and a nylon carrying bag) as a prize for this issue of the TIPS newsletter
The ‘Arms Reach’ design is a pioneering drop-side baby cot that attaches securely to any adult bed and adjusts to multiple bed heights for maximum flexibility. By creating a safe, dedicated environment for your baby, while keeping them within arm's reach, parent and child receive all the benefits of a co-sleeping relationship.
Not only is this wonderful for the promotion of successful breastfeeding (which you will all know is close to my heart) but the advantages of the Co-Sleeper® go far beyond its value as an infant bed. What sets it further apart from other infant beds, however, is that it converts to several additional uses; It is a secure bedside co-sleeper® cot, a free standing cot, a changing area, a play pen, and a travel cot.
So if you would like to win this exceptional prize (obviously it would be ideal if you were expecting a baby or had a baby under six months of age) all you have to do is answer this question

”What international baby expert endorses the Arm’s Reach® Universal Co-Sleeper® Bassinet?”You will find the answer on the Arm's Reach home page.
Email your answers to Brigitte. The winner will be notified around the middle of April.



Little Me mini-competition

Little Me Baby Organics have kindly donated two sets of their winning baby skincare products. The prize consists of Moisture Babies Tender Kiss cream (Best of the best - baby lotion 2007), Moisture Babies Delicate Caress Body Wash (Best innovative - baby wash 2007) and Pamper me luxury bath bubbles (Best eco-friendly - baby bath 2007). These gorgeous goodies smell good enough to eat and leave skin feeling silky soft. Better still they are safe to use and environmentally friendly (remember not to use on babies under one month of age). 
To enter, email the words 'Little Me to Brigitte.
The winner wil lbe announced in the next issue of our e-newsletter

LittleMeBabyOrganicsLogo 90px

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