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TIPS e-newsletter 9

:::::August 2008::::

:::::    Issue ::::

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Welcome to the ninth TIPS e-newsletter. As always there is a lot to tell you about.

First let me update you on the BabyGROE Natural Choice Awards. As you know we were nominated for not just one but both categories (Ethical Business and Health professional - Midwife). The award ceremony took place in Chester on Friday 13 June and although we did not win the top prizes, it was an honour to be nominated and we are proudly featuring the BabyGROE award logo online. To find out more about that weekend, check our stop press page.

Click here for a chance to win a copy of the new BabyGROE book.

Due to repetitive stress injury brought about by pressure of work (word about TIPS is spreading far and wide) I have had to postpone the two large TIPS trials of slings and washable nappies. However, smaller trials will be going ahead and we are planning to test pregnancy pillows and eczema clothing. TIPS trials results are already online for: baby wipes, baby skincare products,TENS machinesnursing bras and tops, breast pads and treatmentsbaby bathscuddle towels and open cups so follow our tips for the best in nursery items. 

We have also been busy testing new products: the Kamillosan thermometer soother, Weleda tooth gel, Mamababybliss skincare products and two nappy creams. All the latest results can be seen on our results just in’ page. The decongestant trial results will be collated soon - so watch out for these – just in time for the autumn sniffles!

You can still check out our FAQs on breastfeeding and baby skincare but read on to see my top tips for our featured websitesevents, book reviewarticlepodcastsDVD review and of course the latest TIPS competition winners. Remember that TIPS have a regular e-competition, e-newslettercompetition and amazing six e-newsletter mini-competitions – do give them all a go. Read on for details of some wonderful new prizes on offer, and to find out who the latest TIPS winners are.

Remember if you’re not ‘in’ you can’t win!


sharon banner


Dedicated advice line: Remember you can contact me on my own Speak Now number, you can call me anytime on 09064006215* if I am unable to answer immediately, press 1 and you will receive a free text to alert you when I am next free.

My speciality subjects are breastfeeding and baby skincare although I am happy to take calls on any midwifery related issues.

Press and Media: If you are looking for expert advice on midwifery related topics you can also call me on my advice line.

*£1.50/min from a BT landline. Calls from Mobiles and other networks may vary.


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured products :: Innovation Award/Editor's Choicetipsducktipsduck

Our first innovation award has been given to the Kamillosan thermometer soother which provides a simple and ingenious way of taking your baby’s temperature.

Follow this link to read the final review and how the trial was conducted.
We have five sets of the soother with Milton wipes up for grabs in our mini-competition 2.

AW_innovation_award_Kamillosan08 AW_editors-choice_toothpast


Follow this link to read about the latest retrospective trials of Weleda tooth gel, Bepanthen nappy cream and the Mamababybliss range.

BepanthenLogo Weleda Logo blue 90px (1) mamababybliss_logo

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured website :: www.mumztheword.biztipsducktipsduck

Mumz the Word (


Are you looking for a truly unique baby gift?
One of my scouts told me about this delightful website with plenty of ideas for special baby gifts.
Mumz the Word are pleased to announce the arrival of their fantastic range of nappy cakes and sock bouquets.
Nappy cakes and bouquets start from just £25 (+p&p) and each one is handmade to order, containing all new born essentials: blankets, muslins, socks and much much more, all combined together with a touch of magic and finished off with a sprinkling of love.
The Ideal gifts for any new parents, maternity leave or baby showers etc.
Available in blue, pink, neutral, twin colours or any other colour combination.
Each one can be made to YOUR specification which makes them as individual as the new baby.
To view the full range of nappy cakes and party goods, or for more information please visit the 
If you want to win one of these gorgeous nappy cakes then check out mini-competition 4. .

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured website ::www.ronnieallan.comtipsducktipsduck

Ronnie Allan - Pregnancy Massage (


When giving advice to women about general aches and pains during pregnancy, I always like to be positive by offering realistic solutions that really work. I would hate to disappoint them by saying: ‘it’s one of those things, caused by the pregnancy hormones and you will just have to grin and bear it’ (this is just not helpful and usually not true). You will all know how keen I am to promote skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby, but what about before the baby arrives? 
Massage and relaxation can greatly help reduce the stresses that pregnancy can place on your body and I have found a wonderful practitioner who is fully trained and accredited to provide the best possible care for pregnant women. Partners are welcome too: Ronnie will teach them how to massage you during labour so that you can make the most of this special time together. Sadly I did not meet Ronnie until after my pregnancies (I only wish I had!) but I now enjoy a regular Slavic massage to help keep me de-stressed. 
You can find out more about the benefits of Ronnie's treatments here. And if you cannot travel to Scotland (though it may be well worth a special visit) Ronnie will be happy to point you in the direction of respected therapists who offer a similar service in your area – just contact him for information. Once you have experienced this relaxing style of pampering you will want to continue well after your baby is born


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured book :: Examination of the newborn and neonatal healthtipsducktipsduck


Examination of the newborn and neonatal health –
A multidimensional approach

Lorna Davies and Sharon McDonald
Published by Elsevier - published 25 June 2008 
Price: GBP 22.99 EUR 33.99
ISBN: 978-0-443-10339-1


I am thrilled to announce that my first chapter in an academic textbook has just been published. Chapter 14 is entitled Neonatal skincare and cordcare: implications for practice. It documents the latest research, and highlights the most important findings, from my six published article on this subject. New guidelines for practice are explained, inline with the latest recommendations from NICE, and the chapter concludes with Jacqueline’s story charting her personal experience of how this new skincare regime had a positive effect on her children’s lives – Jacqueline is one of our very own TIPS testers.

Examination of the Newborn contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on how to perform a complete assessment of the newborn infant, with specialists from different disciplines providing in-depth information on examination of the body systems. The book also includes discussion of the psychosocial and emotional elements resulting from any unexpected findings.


tipsducktipsduckFeatured event :: Nature Babycare Press confrencetipsducktipsduck

Swedish Embassy, 8th July 2008


I was honoured to be invited to speak about my favourite subject, baby skincare, to an audience of journalists at a prestigious venue: the Swedish Embassy in London.
A recent survey commissioned by sought the views of over 500 mothers with babies under the age of two years. The aim was to investigate attitudes toward environmental issues, especially relating to personal hygiene products and nappies. 
A press conference was arranged to celebrate the UK re-launch of this eco-friendly brand of baby products and women’s sanitary wear, announce the results of the survey and introduce the latest products which are not only effective but also much kinder to the environment. A panel of speakers including Dr David Atherton, Hon Consultant in Paediatric Dermatology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Nicola Baird from Friends of the Earth, Marlene Sandberg, founder of and myself presented their own perspective on the issues highlighted. The event was chaired by Dr Dawn Harper (resident Doctor for the C4 ‘Embarrassing illnesses’ series) who skilfully guided journalists through the comprehensive data available. During the lively questions and answers session that followed, issues around potentially harsh ingredients used in more conventional products, the so-called ‘green revolution’ and why it is no longer acceptable for companies to ignore the environmental effects of their manufacturing process, were explored. 
I am delighted to have been able to spread the word about safe baby skincare practices. While I do not wish to endorse any particular product, I am more than happy to applaud the contribution that Marlene and her company is making in a bid to provide consumers with the products they need, with more than just a passing thought to the environment. 
Two of the Naty products (ECO baby wipes and ECO breast pads) have already won TIPS awards. The new Naty range of baby skincare products will be tested in the near future.


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured article :: Cord blood banking: A Summarytipsducktipsduck

Trotter S (2008). Cord blood banking: a summary.
Midwives – the official magazine of the RCM; Aug/Sept: 30-31.


My latest article (second RCM cover story!) is due for publication in the August/September issue of Midwives. It provides a concise overview of cord blood banking. Though short, this does bring the reader up-to-date with the recent introduction of guidelines from the Human Tissue Authority on the collection of cord blood by maternity units. An in-depth explanation of this issue is contained in my recent Midirs paperand I hope midwives and parents interested in this topic will want to read both.

RCMlogo1 midirsLogo

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tipsduck ** nEwtipsducktipsduckFeatured DVD :: Breastfeeding - by mums, for mumstipsduck ** nEwtipsducktipsduck

Breastfeeding – by mums, for mums 
By Louise Hunt
Running time: 12 minutes. 
Available from: Price: £6


Having read a review of this DVD in the Midirs Digest, I decided to get in touch with Real Baby Milk. Louise was extremely helpful. She sent me a review copy and a DVD for a TIPS mini competition. The advice on the DVD is not only simple and concise, but also realistic. I especially liked the explanation of the pre-feeding reflexes to look out for (including salivating, rooting, searching and crawling) which are often missed. The pictures of babies attaching and feeding are beautifully filmed - giving an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a number of ways to achieve a good latch (not just sitting up!). Animated footage of a baby feeding shows how a slight change in position can make all the difference to the feeding experience. The importance of peer support is reaffirmed throughout, with plenty of interviews and footage of a breastfeeding peer support group. This, more than anything, will give viewers the confidence to seek out similar groups in their area and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and encouragement which is the key to successful breastfeeding. I would have no hesitation in recommending this delightful DVD and I am sure viewers will want to watch it again and again.
The information on the DVD is complemented by a website which lists details of national breastfeeding organisations and breastfeeding peer support groups around the UK.

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured podcast :: My baby radiotipsducktipsduck


My interviews about breastfeeding, baby skincare, cup feeding, baby baths and cuddle towels are regularly broadcast on Click on mybabyradio logo at the foot of our homepage and follow the link to ‘my baby podcasts’ to listen online.


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tipsduck :: TIPS ::..Late News....Late News....Late News....tipsduck

TIPS Forum coming very soon….

The TIPS forum is just about up and running. This is bound to become the place Testers will come for advice, mutual support and encouragement. Live webchats will start soon – Testers will be able to ask me anything they want, knowing that I am online to answer. Have a look at the TIPS forum and come back to us with your comments so that we can make sure it is the best for you! Michael – our IT whiz - has been working away for many weeks on this project and I can only marvel at his skills – it’s way beyond me!


live webchat - 18 August ….
I have been invited to take part in a live webchat on 18 August. This will coincide with ‘Make a baby month’ on in association with First Response. Do join me online to get answers on your ovulation, early pregnancy and related questions.


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tipsduck :: TIPS::Competition winnerstipsduck


15 May – 14 June 2008
Q : Which baby wipes have recently been allocated the TIPS Editor's choice award?
A: Jackson Reece wipes
Winner: Rhona from Linlithgow

14 June – 9 July 2008
Q: Which event did Sharon attend on 13 and 14 June?
A: BabyGROE Awards in Chester
Winner: Amy from Brighton

e-newsletter 8 main competition

The two lucky winners of the Boobie Buddies breastfeeding dolls are Sue from Selborne and Lorifrom Greenock

e-newsletter 8 mini competitions:

  • The lucky winner of the Prenatal Company voucher is Emma from Leicester.
  • The two lucky winners of the swaddle socks are Stella from Greece and Gillian fromGreenock.
  • The two lucky winners of the Janey Lee Grace double CDs are Sarah from Lytham andKathy.
  • The four lucky winners of cuddle towels are Cath from PrestonSue from Selborne,Gillian from Ayr and Vivienne from Bristol

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sharon banner

Remember you can contact me on my own Speak Now number, you can call me anytime on 09064 0062 15* if I am unable to answer immediately, I promise to call you back. My speciality subjects are breastfeeding and baby skincare although I am happy to take calls on any midwifery related issues.

Press and Media: If you are looking for expert advice on midwifery related topics you can also call me on my advice line.

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300th TIPS Tester


We are thrilled to announce that the 300th TIPS parent tester has now registered. And we are delighted to welcome Sarah from Loughborough to the TIPS online community. Sarah's registration beautifully coincides with the publication of this brand new TIPS newsletter!
TIPS baby


Here is a cheeky little grin  from Harshiv which is sure to brighten your day. A signed copy of Breastfeeding: the essential guide is on its way to you.
TIPS toddler


This is Iona who is becoming quite a little star. Here she is showing us how to use the TIPS award winning Doidy cup to drink her nutritious soup from! A series of pictures, including this one is used by the manufacturers of this cup ( so look out for the posters at events around the UK.
For your chance to win one of 12 boxes of Bickiepegs teething biscuits, check out mini-competition 6.
TIPS family


Our featured family from Brighton includes Mum Jess (TIPS tester since July 2007), Dad Paul and baby Mia (our TIPS e-newslettter 8 baby). Who said you can’t be featured more than once?! (but only one signed book per family).
TIPS bump


This is a wonderful picture of Mai when she was heavily pregnant with her first baby. She is a friend of my daughter’s, who now lives in Maastricht. I was lucky to have been visiting at the perfect time to offer some advice during the early days of breastfeeding. I am delighted to report that mother (father) and baby are all doing beautifully and to prove it here a picture of me and baby Ella aaahhhh!


If you would like your baby or todder to feature in the next issue of the TIPS e-newsletter, just email me their picture.
Babycare – back to basics™ leaflet (version 7) – out now!


This award winning leaflet is distributed around the UK at various professional and parenting events. Health professionals and maternity units can buy hard copies – email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. As well as all the hints and tips you need about baby skincare, skin-to-skin contact and feeding but, this leaflet now includes the latest and safest advice on reducing the risk of cot death. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like a free copy.

We are working on the draft for version 8 - so watch out for updates on the TIPS website.

TIPS top tips!

Milk banks are very much ‘alive and well’. To find out how to donate your surplus expressed breast milk and help premature or sick babies, visit


TIPS competitions
gold pendant -competition

We are delighted to offer the winner of this competition a hand crafted solid 9ct gold TIPS duck pendant worth £85. This unique piece of jewellery is made by Troon goldsmith David McMillan and is a work of art. 
For your chance to win all you have to do is answer the following question: 
Apart from the duck pendant, what other pieces of TIPS jewellery can you buy from the TIPS website?

To enter, email your answers to Brigitte here. We will announce the winner in newsletter 10.


BabyGROE mini-competition 1

We have one copy of Teach Yourself Green Parenting by Lynoa Cattanach(founder of BabyGROE ) to give away. 
To enter email the word 'BabyGROE' to Brigitte here

We will announce the winner in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


Kamillosan mini-competition 2

We have five sets of a Kamillosan thermometer soother plus pack of Milton wipes up for grabs. 
To enter email the word 'soother' to Brigitte here. We will announce the winners in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


Real Baby Milk DVD mini-competition 3

For a chance to win a copy of the Breastfeeding – by mums, for mums DVD email the word ' DVD' to Brigitte here
We will announce the winner in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


Mumz the Word Cake mini-competition 4

For your chance to win a nappy cake from just answer this question: How many nappies are there in the basic cake? To enter email your answer to Brigitte here. We will announce the winner in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


First Response mini-competition 5

Following my trip to London to provide technical advice on ovulation and early pregnancy, the generous people at First Response have kindly offered two ovulation/early pregnancy test kits (you will receive one ovulation kit and a single pregnancy test) and two packs of double pregnancy tests.
To enter email the words 'First Response' to Brigitte here
We will announce the winner in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


Bickiepegs mini-competition 6

Our friends at Bickiepegs have kindly donated 12 boxes of teething biscuits. For a chance to win one of those email the word 'bickiepegs' to Brigitte here. We will announce the winner in the TIPS e-newsletter 10.


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