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TIPS e-newsletter 19

::::::June 2010::::::

::::::    issue    ::::::

new_newsletter_template_r4_c1 In this issue....
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Welcome to our summer e-newsletter!

We hope you will enjoy our newly themed newsletters which will reflect the seasons. Talking of makeovers, thank you to those of you who took the time to say how much you enjoyed our new look TIPS® website. The TIPS® team has been busy working behind the scenes to publish all archived content on the new site (including all the previous TIPS e-newsletters) so you can still find your favourite pages. We will continue to bring you the very best selection of high quality features alongside our regular variety of news and gorgeous pictures from you, our readers.

We are delighted to announce that the final results of the
TIPS 2010 Baby Skincare Products trials have just been published. This is the culmination of six months hard work to test seven types of products. You can read all the reviews here

In this e-newsletter we feature
two websites that provide new and innovative services for new parents. The Food Stork provides a home delivery service of home-made, healthy, freezer-ready food. This gives mums and dads more time to enjoy with their newborns. You can read more here, and you can also win your very own box of food heaven by entering our e-newsletter competition. OT4Kids was founded by Munira Adenwalla, an American Occupational Therapist. You can find out more about the services Munira provides here, and enter our competition to win a free 45 minute consultation for your child (conditions apply).

We have reviewed
two books: Hold it Sister is about the sensitive subject of female incontinence (this is a must-have for all women); Infant massage: a handbook for loving parents is a well respected favourite with parents and professionals.

We are delighted to bring you another 'first' with news of the
brand new Speak Now advice line for parents. We featured the Greatvine website in e-newsletter 13 (April 2009). Greatvine introducted an innovative approach to providing 'experts online'. Speak Now is a tailor-made phone line. It gives instant access to experts in all areas of parenting and wellbeing so you can get the advice you need at a time to suit you. You can find out how it works here.

You can also enjoy our regular mix of
upcoming events, articles, video clips, plus our delightful new set of photos from TIPS Testers. Our eagerly anticipated My Story which is about first time breastfeeding, and  part 2 of our Diary of a Student Midwife.

Check out our seven mini-competitions and Make sure you email your entries to Brigitte. You too could be a TIPS winner...

Remember if you are not 'in' you can't win!


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured products :: TIPS-tested  baby skincare products 2010tipsducktipsduck

7 types of products tested.....

award graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphicaward graphic

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For a chance to win one of many baby skincare prizes check out mini-competitions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5....

tipsducktipsduckFeatured website :: www.thefoodstork.comtipsducktipsduck

Launched in November 2009, The Food Stork provides a tailor-made food delivery service for new parents.  Home-made, healthy, freezer-ready food is delivered to their door, allowing more time for mums and dads to enjoy precious time with their newborns.

food stork gift box food stork logo
Fleur Sladen was inspired to launch The Food Stork following her sister's pregnancy.  Fleur realised that no one was offering ready-made food especially prepared with new mothers in mind. Getting food cooked and stored for her made such a difference to her sister that Fleur was sure that many new mothers would also enjoy getting such a service.  

Inspired by the preferences of many new mothers, The Food Stork's food choices are packed with nutrients and healing antioxidants. This helps nourish and nurture both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers. The Food Stork is based in the beautiful Cotswolds. All the ingredients are locally sourced and the meat is organic and free-range. Most vegetables are home-grown in The Food Stork's kitchen garden or sourced from the famously fertile Vale of Evesham. The food choices include a sumptuous fish pie, a soothing braised lamb stew with leeks and butter beans and an utterly delicious banana and poppy seed bread - all of which are overflowing with natural energy and mood boosters to help invigorate and revitalise.  

Sending a Food Stork Box to new parents makes a fantastic and original gift.  Often new mums are far too preoccupied to think about cooking for themselves at a time when food is so important for them. One mum who received The Food Stork Box as a present said it was "the best by a LONG way". Another happy mum said "As a new mother, The Food Stork was the single most important decision I made for myself. Having such delicious and nutritious food delivered to my door freed up extra time for me to be more available for my daughter. I never stressed about eating well and having time to cook. Fleur Sladen has a talent in the kitchen that goes beyond words". The gift boxes are beautifully presented and come with a personalised hand-written card.  As each order is made from scratch, delivery is a minimum of 48 hours. The Food Stork currently delivers throughout London, the Midlands and the South West. Prices start at £85 per box.

About The Chef: Fleur Sladen has been cooking for private clients for over eight years.  Fleur's passion for food stems from her childhood. She grew up in the Cotswolds eating from the family's kitchen garden and helped her father raise their rare breed St Kilda sheep which she still continues to keep.

For more information, please contact Fleur Sladen on 01386 858701 or email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

For a chance to win a gift box from The Food Stork check out our e-newsletter competition....

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured website :: ot4kids – Treatment for Infants and Children in London

therapist with child ot4kids logo
Munira with one of her
young clients

Munira Adenwalla is an American Trained Paediatric Occupational Therapist. She has been treating children from birth to 7 years of age for the past 12 years. Munira specialises in monitoring, assessing and treating children with a wide range of conditions affecting their movement, learning, social interactions, and development. Treatment takes place in the child's natural environment where they are most comfortable.

Your child may benefit from therapy if they:

  • were premature
  • are slow to reach motor milestones
  • suffer from stiffness or floppiness in arms or legs
  • have difficulty grasping or manipulating objects
  • are unable to calm and self-soothe

All children develop at different rates. However, if you are worried about your child's development, seek professional advice early. They will be able to tell you if your child needs treatment and help put your mind at ease.

Using advanced treatment techniques and applying the latest research, Munira helps children:

  • reach their developmental milestones
  • increase core and upper body strength
  • acquire fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • become more confident
child in therapy child in therapy child in therapy

Kinesio® Taping
Munira uses a fun and playful approach to help children become independent.
Treatment through play…

Munira strongly believes in the benefits of Early Intervention. Research and personal experience have shown that early therapy helps children improve their movement, increase their independence, and minimize or prevent disability. It is never too early to get advice or treatment, even for babies. Visit for useful information on occupational therapy for children. 
To book an appointment call: 07540 113 126

For a chance to win a free 45-minute consultation in your own home (conditions apply*) check out mini-competiton 6.

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured book :: Hold it Sistertipsducktipsduck

book cover hold it sister graphic

By Mary O'Dwyer (pelvic floor physiotherapist)
Published by RedSok Publishing, Queensland Australia
ISBN: 978-0-9803999-6-7
RRP: AUD $24.99 from or £14.99 from

As a midwife I know a fair bit about the pelvic floor (or 'flaw' as Mary calls it). I am well aware of the importance of pelvic floor exercises but I must admit that I have learnt quite a lot from this wonderful book. Mary O'Dwyer uses a warm turn-of-phrase throughout; to perfectly describe how to achieve the best from the equipment nature has given you!

I am pleased to say that (mainly by chance) I have been doing many of the right things - this must explain why my pelvic floor is not yet round my knees - after one section and four vaginal deliveries of very large babies ranging from 8-12lbs!. I do however need a little help to strengthen what I have been left with and this is where Mary's book comes in so useful.

I was not expecting to find this book entertaining but it was. I was not expecting this book to be funny but it often made me chuckle! Most of all I was pleasantly surprised at Mary O'Dwyer's refreshingly informal and friendly approach to what can be a highly sensitive issue: female incontinence.

The text is easy to follow. Excellent descriptions and simple diagrams help explain what the pelvic floor is and how it works. The book is split into sections: possible damage; three steps to learning the correct pelvic floor action; ten healthy habits for the pelvic floor; sex; pelvic floor surgery; menopause and exercises to find and strengthen your own muscles.
Here are a few interesting but maybe little known facts:

  • 50 per cent of women have pelvic organ problems after childbirth
  • 30 per cent of operations  to repair the pelvic floor need be repeated
  • if your orgasm is weak so are your pelvic floor muscles
  • bad toileting habits, bad posture, coughing and heavy lifting all prevent the pelvic floor working properly
  • you can greatly improve your pelvic floor muscles by learning to locate and co-ordinate them.

I can honestly say this is a 'must have' book for ALL women from puberty to the menopause. Don't take my word for it: buy Hold it Sister for your daughter, your mother, your friend or your relative. I promise you won't be disappointed.
For more information on Mary and her practice go to
Review by Sharon Trotter

For a chance to win one of three copies of this book check out mini-competition 7

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured book :: INFANT MASSAGE: a handbook for Loving parentstipsducktipsduck

book cover

By Vimala McClure
Published by Souvenir Press Ltd; New Ed edition (4 Sep 2001)
ISBN-10: 028563617
RRP: £9.99

This book is the 'Bible of baby massage'... crammed full of information and pictures demonstrating how parents can communicate, through massage, with their baby. There is incredible wisdom in such a little book. The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) uses it world wide as their instruction guide. The IAIM training is endorsed by leading specialists in infant development -

Review by Cherry Bond - RSCN, RGN, CIMI
Developmental Care Educator, St Mary's Hospital, London
Positive Touch Specialist
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - phone 0208 398 6551 -

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured event :: National Breastfeeding Awareness weektipsducktipsduck

21 - 27 June 2010

You can
find out more about National Breastfeeding Week here....

nhs logo TIPS logo

This information has been collated over the past 3 years and we are delighted to show you the results in a chart.  You may be surprised to see that 92 per cent of the 1050 problems Mums told us about were directly or indirectly associated with conflicting advice and insufficient support! You can view the TIPS chart here…

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured articles :: by Patrick M. Houser tipsducktipsduck

fathers-to-be graphic

Patrick M. Houser is author of the Fathers-To-Be Handbook; a roadmap for the transition to fatherhood (reviewed in TIPS e-newsletter 10). He is also a writer, educator, keynote speaker, Social Architect and activist for the family and Director of Fathers-To-Be.

This unique website continues to provide excellent materials for new fathers in a bid to provide a greater understanding about the birth process and the transition towards fatherhood. Patrick writes with sensitivity and a wealth of experience. I would like to thank Patrick for offering to share the following articles with us which I guarantee you will enjoy reading:

Article written for La Leche League Magazine, New Beginnings, August 2009 edition.
You can
find out more about Patrick's work or buy the Fathers To Be Handbook here

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured video clip :: Newborn breast crawltipsducktipsduck

baby at breast You Tube logo

One of our observant TIPS members sent me this wonderful clip of newborn babies making their way to the breast just after birth. This Lennart Righard film is based on a study which was published in the Lancet* in 1990.

Seventy two mothers and their infants were split into two groups. Each group included babies from medicated and unmedicated labours.

  • In the first group, babies were left naked on their mother's tummy for at least 50 minutes - enjoying skin-to-skin contact. These babies began crawling after 20 minutes and were sucking by 50 minutes.
  • In the second group, some babies were separated from mothers and medicated: they never managed to self-attach. Half the mothers who were separated and unmedicated displayed a poor suck in half of the cases. None of the babies who were separated and medicated during labour managed to suckle well.

A baby's reflex baby to crawl to the breast remains intact for several weeks after birth. This film and the research behind it clearly show that leaving mother and baby undisturbed for at least the first hour after birth greatly increases the chance of  successful breastfeeding.
You can
watch these beautiful images of babies doing what comes naturally here...
Added on You Tube™ on 7/4/10 - Video by Lennart Righard and Kittie Frantz © 1995

*Righard L & Alade M (1990). Effect of delivery room routines on success of first breastfeed. The Lancet; Vol 336: 1105-07.

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured video clip :: by UNICEF and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Actiontipsducktipsduck

You Tube logo unicef logo

This You Tube video clip was published by UNICEF and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in July 2009. This was to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week in August 2009. The three minute film highlights the importance of breastfeeding to all infants, especially in the developing world and during natural disasters. You can watch it here

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured podcasts :: My Baby Radiotipsducktipsduck

My Baby Radio photo - launching on DAB digital radio in April 2010 - Broadcasting across Cheshire, Staffordshire and North East Wales.
Sharon's latest interview on Tongue-tie is now being featured online. Previous  interviews on breastfeeding, baby skincare, cup feeding, baby baths, cuddle towels, decongestants and many more are regularly broadcast on on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11am and midday and between 5 and 6pm (in the 'ask an expert' slot).
You can listen online here...

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TIPS tip of the month
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is now known as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). You can get information and lots of excellent advice on treatments on the Pelvic Partnership and PINS (Pelvic Instability Network Scotland) websites.

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TIPS baby
Here is baby Ben looking adorable in his TIPS green playsuit and blowing us a wee kiss too. Thank you to Mummy and Daddy for sharing these pictures with us.

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TIPS toddler
Here is toddler Josh playing happily on a beach in South Africa – lucky boy!

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TIPS bump
This is the most innovative thank you card I have ever received so I thought I would share it with you. The pictures say it all….

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TIPS family
Here is baby Ben, the latest arrival to the Roxburgh family. We think you will agree this is a wonderful picture to add to our TIPS® family album!
Here is our second family picture featuring Beth (TIPS® Parent tester), her sister Janice, son Josh and Hubby Colin. Beth's sister Janice (2nd from the left) has just passed her 5 year milestone after being diagnosed with breast cancer but due to drug therapy she has to wait until September 2010 for her 5th year clear. To mark this special anniversary Beth is planning to join the crowds on 19 June 2010 as she takes part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk in aid of Breast Cancer. Here is Beth at last year's Moonwalk! You can donate on Beth's sponsorship page here. All money raised is spent in Scotland to help the journey through Breast cancer and to fund ways of stopping this horrid disease from blighting more lives and families.
You can donate on Beth's sponsorship page here. All money raised is spent in Scotland to help the journey through Breast cancer and to fund ways of stopping this horrid disease from blighting more lives and families.

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TIPS Breastfeeder
Here is another charming picture of an older baby breastfeeding, this time in the South African sunshine proving that breast milk really is the easiest food to take on holiday with you!

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Keep on emailing your photos! If they are featured, we will send you a dedicated copy of Sharon's book Breastfeeding: the essential guide.

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Newsletter competition.....
food stork gift box
Our featured website, The Food Stork has kindly donated a gift box worth £100 (inc delivery). For a chance to win all you have to do is email the words 'The Food Stork' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (please tell us where you live) by 26 August 2010 -  we will announce the winner in e-newsletter 20
PLEASE NOTE - this competition is only for people who live in West London, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire or Worcstershire. The lucky winner will have the chance to choose delicious foods online

food stork logo

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mini competition 1

weleda products

For a chance to win 1 of 2 sets of 9 Weleda TIPS® award winning products email the word 'Weleda' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20

weleda logo

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mini competition 2

product photo

For a chance to win 1 of 2 bottles of  TIPS® award winning cocooning massage oil email the word 'beginning' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20


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mini competition 3

products photo

For a chance to win 1 of 2 sets of 6 Earth Friendly Baby TIPS® award winning products email the word 'EFB' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20

efb logo

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mini competition 4


For a chance to win 1 of 2 sets of 5  Halos N Horns TIPS® award winning products email the words 'Halos N Horns' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20

halos n horns logo

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mini competition 5

product photo

For a chance to win 1 of 2 jars of TIPS® award winning Natalia Baby Bottom  Butter email the words 'Vital Touch' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20


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mini competition 6


For a chance to win a free 45-minute consultation in your own home (conditions apply*) email the word 'ot4kids' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winner in TIPS e-newsletter 20
*This prize is only for parents who are concerned about their child's motor skills,  development and sensory processing. Children must be under 3 years old and live in Central and South London, Richmond, or West End.

ot4kids logo

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mini competition 7

book cover

For a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of the book Hold it Sister email the word 'HolditSister' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 August 2010. We will announce the winners in TIPS e-newsletter 20

hold it sister graphic

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tipsducktipsducknEw feature ** :: FAQs** nEwtipsducktipsduck

Sun Protection for babies and children - At this time of year I often get queries about sun protection for babies and children. You can find my recently updated advice on this topic in the 'for parents' section of our website.

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tipsducktipsduck nEw nEw ** :: One-to-One Phone service from** nEwtipsducktipsduck

greatvine logo sharon banner

"We all find ourselves wishing we knew someone who could give us one-to-one advice on a variety of parenting issues, well now you do!" We featured the Greatvine website in TIPS e-newsletter 13  (April 2009) when this innovative service was launched. I am delighted to announce the launch of's new and exciting Speak Now telephony service.

This service makes it even easier for everyone to reach leading experts for reliable, individual, one-to-one advice and support. It couldn't be simpler - there's no need to register. To request a call or book an appointment, just dial and speak. If the experts are unavailable for any reason, they will call you back to let you know they are available.

Speak Now has received excellent feedback from experts and members of the public alike. This service will revolutionise the way people receive help and support by providing the right help for you, at a time when you need it.

To reach me on my own Speak Now number, call me anytime on 09064006215* if I don't answer, I promise to call you back. My speciality subjects are breastfeeding and baby skincare although I am happy to take calls on any midwifery related issues. You can get the complete listing of the many other experts (over 200 experts are available) on the Greatvine website from relationship problems, self-publishing to bullying go to
*(Please note, calls to this number cost £1.50/min from a BT landline; costs of calls from mobiles and other networks may vary)

Parent review of Greatvine services:
Greatvine offers one-to-one help and advice from qualified and experienced professionals on many different topics such as breastfeeding, child sleep and child behaviour. The website is easy to use and by simply typing in the topic that you are looking for advice on, a list of experts is shown, from which you can read all about their qualifications and experience before choosing which individual you would like to speak to. Once you've selected the professional you can book a private call where you get the chance to discuss everything from the comfort of your own home. Another added benefit of the Greatvine website is that you are able to download experts' written materials, many of which are free, so you are able to get some immediate advice even before you arrange a call. Each professionals' feedback is also available to view online which gives you added peace of mind that you are speaking to the right person and that they will be able to help you with your problem.

By Nicola -TIPS Parent Tester

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured My Story :: First time breastfeeding experience…tipsducktipsduck

This My Story follows new mum Natalija as she tries, without much help or support, to breastfeed her new baby daughter. With no close family she encounters many hurdles along the way but her determination is rewarded when things start to fall into place. Thank you to Natalija for sharing this poignant story with us. It is truly inspiring. You can read Natalija's My Story here....

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tipsducktipsduckDiary of a Student Midwife :: Part 2tipsducktipsduck

In the last e-newsletter, we introduced a new feature: 'Diary of a Student Midwife'. This will follow a student's the journey to qualification over the next three years. Part two is about our student midwife's first secondment into the community and a tragic experience in the antenatal clinic. Life as a student midwife is not without its trials and tribulations! You can read all about it here.

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured magazine :: Essentially MIDIRS tipsducktipsduck

magazine logo midirs logo
enews19 magcover

Essentially MIDIRS, a new independent monthly publication for maternity health care professionals and students is due to be launched on 1 June 2010.
Published by leading UK maternity charity MIDIRS, and edited by well known midwife, author, teacher and researcher, Sara Wickham, Essentially MIDIRS looks set to become a serious consideration for those searching for an evidence-based information learning resource to support them in their practice and studies.
The new 54 page colour journal will form an intrinsic part of MIDIRS portfolio of educational resources, all of which aim to support the charity's mission of assisting in the improvement of maternity care for mothers and babies worldwide.
You can pre-subscribe to
Essentially MIDIRS online by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0800 581009 (+44 117 9251791 when you are outside the UK) .
For further information phone Sue Penn on 0117 9077594 or e-mail
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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tipsducktipsduck*** latest news***tipsducktipsduck soil association logo
Soil Association comment on LACORS survey of nursery food

Back in April LACORS (the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services), published the results of their national survey on the nutritional quality of food served in nurseries. The Soil Association's 'Better Nursery Food Now' campaign welcomes the investigation into this important area of child health but they are concerned that the recommendations of the report do not go far enough.

Thousands of people have signed Better Nursery Food Now's online petition demanding better nursery food for our children, with thousands more people following the campaign's progress on Twitter. You can
join the campaign or sign the petition here....

For more information please contact Clio Turton - email  -
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 07795 562 556

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forum logo
On the TIPS Forum, members discuss a wide range of subjects, including breastfeeding, baby skincare, parenting, stay-at-home mums, pregnancy, postnatal depression, movies and shopping offers. It remains intimate enough for members to really get to know each other but with but with 142 topics and many more threads to join the possibilities for discussion are endless. Register for the Forum here...

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Baby care - back to basics

leaflet pages

Version 7 (updated in line with the latest research) out now! Sponsored by TIPS award winning company Halos N Horns this award winning leaflet is distributed around the UK at various professional and parenting events. Health professionals and maternity units can buy hard copies – email Sharon for more information.
As well as all the hints and tips you need about baby skincare, skin-to-skin contact and feeding but, this leaflet now includes the latest and safest advice on reducing the risk of cot death.
Email Sharon if you would like a free copy.

halos n horns logo

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TIPS winners...

15 February – 14 April 2010
Q: What is the full name of the website 'corner' where Testers find guidelines and questionnaires for TIPS trials?
A: Testers Corner
Sharon from Aberdeenshire

15 April – 17 May 2010

Q: How many products were tested in the latest TIPS baby skincare products trial?
A: nearly 50
Sarah from Cambridgeshire

The 2 lucky winners of the
Homeplates are: Julie from Ayrshire and Kim from Derbyshire

The 12 lucky winners of the
belly balms are: Sarah from West Sussex, Kat from Surrey, Emma from West Lothian, Catherine from Lancashire, Rabea from Lanarkshire, Sarah from Cambridgeshire, Natalija from Lancashire, Eileen from Staffordshire, Rebecca from Northamptonshire, Faye from Devon, Jeeny from Leicestershire and Jo from Cambridgeshire.

The lucky winners of the
CD by Amanda's Action Kids are Natalie from Cambridgeshire, Lesley from Hampshire, Pauline from the West Midlands, Marica from London and Jenny from Berkshire.

The lucky winner of the
Being Dad DVD is Kat from Surrey.

The 2 lucky winners of the
BubbleBum booster seat are Emily from Stirlingshire and Annabel from London.

The lucky winner of the
HTGC conference place worth £200 is Patrick from England.

The 5 lucky winners of the
DrBronner's baby balm are: Jeeny from Leicestershire, Jo from Cambridgeshire, Andrea from London, Nicola from Dorset and Vivi from Tyne and Weir.

e-newsletter competition
The lucky winner of the
Natural Mat Coco Mattress is Nicola from Ayrshire.

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