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TIPS-tested Aquasolari washable absorbent bed pad - 2009

I am delighted to bring you the final results of our latest one-off trial.
The Aquasolari washable bed pad is a unique product that has many uses. It has the potential to become a ‘must have’ during pregnancy and beyond.
Our Testers were so impressed with this product that we have decided to award a TIPS Clever idea award.

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Aquasolari washable absorbent bed pad
RRP £39.99 each or £70 for 2 (free UK delivery)

As mentioned in e-newsletter 15, TIPS readers can get a special discount: 10% off 1 pad on the Aquasolari online shop.
You can also get the brochure here or visit the Aquasolari website to find out about becoming an agent

When they saw the Aquasolari bed pad, Testers’ first impression was overwhelmingly that this was a quality product.
Instructions on the product and on the packaging were clear and easy to follow. The bed pad fitted perfectly to a single bed (its primary use) but Testers who tried it on a double or king-size bed were just as pleased with the area protected. They also found the pad stayed in place, was comfortable to lie on even without a top sheet – this could be used but was not necessary. However what Testers loved the most was the fact that the bed pad was discreet and completely silent, unlike more conventional plastic bed coverings which tend to rustle. They found the pad large enough to protect a bed under any conditions and commented that the material reduced the risk of overheating - this was an added benefit.
When put to the test, the pad worked so well that Testers found it hard to tell if it needed to be laundered. There was no smell from the pad and Testers agreed this is another great plus. Washing and drying the bed pad was child’s play, even when line dried.
In fact, so positive was the feedback that all Testers agreed the Aquasolari bed pad had exceeded expectations and they would be happy to recommend it others. All Testers said they would buy the pad and an amazing fifty per cent of Testers added they would consider becoming an Aquasolari agent!

Here are some of the Testers’ comments:

  • The design is excellent, very easy to use and fits both a cot bed and single bed
  • Better than the terry mattress protectors and more comfortable
  • I would be more willing to pay spend money on this than any other similar product I have tried
  • The size fits well even on my king-size bed and stayed in place throughout testing
  • Website looks fabulous and easy to use, love the bit for customer reviews
  • The fact that its upper side was so soft and that very absorbent
  • I can imagine the pad would be effective if your waters broke while in bed and can then be used if your toddler wets the bed
  • It is certainly a fantastic product and one that gives me peace of mind while pregnant
  • As a breastfeeding mother I am looking forward to using it in the early days postnatally too

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Our aim at TIPS is to source the best products currently available. Where a product is quite unique, we will set up a one-off trial. I decided to go ahead with a TIPS trial of the Aquasolari washable bed pad because it can be used in many ways. I was especially impressed by its suitability for mums-to-be and children prone to bed wetting. This pad provides discreet protection for beds, as well as peace-of-mind for parents and children. Additionally the Aquasolari bed pad is so convenient it can be washed and tumble-dried over 200 times.
As well as being distressing when at home, bed-wetting can ruin any chance a child may have of enjoying a sleep-over with friends. Using the Aquasolari bed pad could provide many families who have to deal with this condition on a regular basis with an ideal solution. Furthermore, because the Aquasolari bed pad can also be placed under the sheet it remains invisible to the eye but still provides protection and security to the child, the mattress and you.
In this trial, we are only testing this product with mums-to-be (the bed pad is a safety measure in case their waters break during pregnancy) and children prone to bed-wetting. The Aquasolari washable bed pad could also be used during the menopause, for some medical conditions, adult incontinence and for pets. This versatility turned out to be a winning quality.

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This trial was carried out by ten pregnant Testers (ranging from 16-37 weeks at time of trial) and ten Testers tested these with their children (aged from 3-12 years old). Each Tester received an Aquasolari washable bed pad, detailed guidelines on how to use the product and an in-depth questionnaire to record their feedback. On average, each pad was tested for two to four weeks.

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Guidelines on how to use the bed pad

Testers were asked to read the following information before using the Aquasolari bed pad.
The pad features a multi-layered construction: a vinyl backing and a soft ‘upper side’ which draws fluid away and locks it in the pad – this keeps you and the bed dry and comfortable. The pad can soak up two litres of fluid.
The pad has simple ‘wings’ that fold around and tuck in securely under the mattress – so you can rest assured that it will stay firmly in place all night, without riding up and causing any discomfort

Washing instructions

  • The pad can be washed between 60 and 92 degrees using your normal detergent
  • Do not use fabric conditioners, detergents containing softeners or bleach as these will impair the absorbency and performance of the pad

Drying instructions

  • The pad can be line dried or tumble dried on the medium heat setting
  • Do not dry clean or iron

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Completing the questionnaire

Please tell us what you thought of this product, good or bad, when you answer the questions on the questionnaire. There are three sections in the questionnaire:

  • The product: in this section we ask about the packaging and design of the product, as well of quality of information provided
  • Use of product: this includes questions about ease of use, cleaning and reliability.
  • Feedback: in this section, you will be asked to feedback on your favourite features, suggest improvements, and comment on whether you believe it provides good value.
  • Awards: in this section you can suggest an award for the product you have tested.


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Please note that products tested by TIPS are not free or promotional products, but samples for the sole purpose of independent testing. All Testers must agree and sign a copy of the TIPS Award Scheme terms and conditions before taking part in a TIPS trial.


Disclaimer. TIPS Ltd is not responsible or liable for any failings of products that have been submitted for the testing programme. The responsibility remains with the individual manufacturer. Research is constantly changing and whilst every effort is made by TIPS Ltd to ensure the information contained in the guidelines is accurate and up-to-date, parent testers must still be encouraged to seek the advice of their midwife, health visitor, lactation consultant or GP if they have any concerns.

TIPS Ltd© May 2009

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photo of pad

AW_clever idea_Aquasolari_bed_pad


Aquasolari Stand
Aquasolari stand at the Harrogate Trade Show

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