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Springtime news from TIPS®!
It's almost time for the clocks to go forward and the nights are definitely getting lighter: it must be springtime! This is our 36th TIPS e-newsletter, and it comes with an eclectic mix of features for you, including a brand new selection of TIPS Testers' pix for you to enjoy. Maybe you have photos of your own you would like to share with us? We're always on the lookout for photos to feature under the following categories: baby, toddler, family, bump, scan, breastfeeder, baby-wearing, baby-led-weaning and grandparent. So please email us your photos! I will send a signed copy of my book (Breastfeeding: the essential guide) to the sender of each photo we publish.
In the products section, we are thrilled to announce the results of the latest one off trial of Weleda Perineum Massage Oil. Designed for use during pregnancy, this oil has unique properties. More and more mums-to-be practise perineal massage and I was keen to see whether this could really make a difference. There has been little reliable research carried out on the benefits of perineal massage, so I wanted to ask real mums-to-be how they felt about using perineal massage as a way to help them prepare for their vaginal deliveries. I also wanted to know whether the use of Weleda Perineum Massage Oil could make a difference to their emotional and physical wellbeing. We also feature the TIPS Award winning Dribblebuster bib, and we have not one but five to give away!
We feature 2 websites: with their innovative collection of beautiful and meaningful gifts especially for twins, multiples and their families, and who offer the widest selection of organic, natural and eco-friendly products for you and your home.
We feature 3 apps. The unique Flush Toilet Finder, is a very useful free app designed to help people find their closest public toilets. It works worldwide from an existing database of 100,000 public toilets but you can help update it for them on your travels. My daughter found our second app: Sleep Baby Sleep. This ingenious app provides six white noises parents can use to soothe babies to sleep. Using it is child's play and it really works! Sarah & Duck is our third app: it's the first official pre-school app featuring CBeebies' favourites (we reviewed a Sarah and Duck DVD in e-newsletter 33).
Our featured DVD is the family favourite Shaun the sheep - Flock to the floor with over 70 minutes of fun packed episodes including 5 bonus episodes of Morph.
Our featured charity is The Little Princess Trust. This children's cancer charity provides free real-hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer, for the duration of their treatment. If you are thinking of having your long hair cut and want to donate it to this worthwhile cause then you will make a real difference for a little Princess - or Prince (boys are also helped). On the subject of great causes, our featured event is March for Mothers. This enjoyable fundraiser will take place on 29 March at Greenwich Park London. March for Mothers is a sponsored walk to raise money for mothers in the world’s poorest communities; it's an event for the whole family, mums, dads, children, aunties, uncles, and friends and is suitable for all ages!
We have reviewed 2 books: Breast Intentions: How women sabotage breastfeeding for themselves and others; and The happy sleeper: the science backed guide to helping your baby get a good night's sleep - newborn to school age.
Check out our Top Tips features: Money saving tips for parents of twins and multiples by the founders of The Twins Gift Company (identical twins themselves); Cotton wool options for new parents; and How do you choose a pushchair? a humorous little guide for new parents illustrated by Argentinean illustrator Agustina Guerrero.
As well as our regular mix of features, we bring you news of our latest My Story (with a Mum recounting her experience of weaning from nipple shields), our Top Treat (Freida's Pantry breast feeding food bar) and our Top Value feature (IKEA's ultra economical Antilop highchair).
We bring you an update on our original Diary of a Student Midwife, who is now writing for us as a Fully Qualified Midwife. We also introduce a brand new feature: Talking point, with a light-hearted look at the snacks women eat after they give birth. Hot buttered toast and cup of NHS tea tasted like heaven to me but why do we offer this in the UK, and what snacks do new parents get in other parts of the world? If you have an idea for another Talking point then please feel free to get in touch...
Last but not least we have some wonderful competitions for you to enter, including our main Newsletter Prize: a Weleda Gift Set containing all four maternity oils and the full range of Baby Calendula products (worth £120) plus 9 mini-competitions. Altogether prizes are worth over £300 so email your entries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you too could be a TIPS winner!

Remember if you are not 'in' you can't win!


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tipsducktipsduckFeatured products :: tipsducktipsduckWeleda Perineum Massage Oil

Weleda Perineum Massage Oil wins 2 TIPS Awards!

About Weleda Perineum Oil
A new arrival for the Weleda UK maternity range, Perineum Massage Oil is designed to help mums-to-be prepare for birth. The small area known as the perineum (located between the vagina and the anus) plays a significant role in women’s health. The muscular tissue of the perineum connects with pelvic floor muscles, offering support to the pelvic organs. Tearing of the perineum during childbirth can weaken this support, making later pelvic floor problems or prolapse of the uterus more likely.
First time mothers in particular can be extremely anxious about the possibility of tearing during birth or needing an episiotomy, and that fear can interfere with their confidence as they approach the second stage of labour (pushing). Estimates suggest that over 85% of women will have some degree of perineal tear during vaginal birth. Massaging the perineum with a top quality and pure oil helps relax the cellular matrix and keep the connective tissues supple and elastic - our best protection against tearing. Massage also increases the perineum’s capacity to stretch more easily and less painfully during birth. Regular perineal massage has been shown to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce perineal trauma. Studies examining the effects of perineal massage during pregnancy confirm that “timely and regular perineal massages reduce the likelihood of perineal tearing or cutting during childbirth”.
Furthermore, through massage, a mother can quite literally get in touch with her pregnant body and understand its capabilities, so the prospect of labour becomes a little less daunting.
Winning 2 TIPS Awards!
I wanted to ask real mums-to-be how they felt about using perineal massage as a way to help them prepare for their vaginal deliveries. I also wanted to know whether the use of Weleda Perineum Massage Oil could make a difference to their emotional and physical wellbeing.
This is why I set up this trial, sending 12 samples of Weleda Perineum Massage Oil to Parent Testers who were at least 34 weeks pregnant. These mums-to-be were encouraged to use the Weleda Perineum Massage Oil for at least 5-10 minutes, up to 4-5 times a week. They were asked to submit their detailed reviews in a questionnaire to be completed two weeks after the birth of their baby.
Our Testers were so impressed with this product we decided to award it 2 TIPS Awards: Innovative and Editor’s choice.

Read the full review and Parent Testers' comments in the Awards section of the TIPS website

For more information about Weleda go to: 


tipsducktipsducktipsduckmain competition tipsducktipsducktipsduck

For a chance to win a Weleda Gift set containing 4 maternity oils and all 9 Baby Calendula Baby products (worth £120) email the word ‘Weleda’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37 

tipsducktipsduckFeatured products :tipsduck tipsduckDribblebuster designer bibs

RRP: £9.99 for Liberty print fabrics
£21 for pack of three PicknMix designs
Manufactured by Almarie Designs



The Dribblebuster® is much more than a simple bib. It is the perfect solution for dribbly babies, especially during teething. In this case necessity is the Grandmother of invention: designer Alison developed this clever product because she wanted to keep her grandson dry, and show off his lovely outfits at the same time!

In 2009 we asked 10 Parent Testers with babies aged between 4 and 6 months to test and review a Dribblebuster® - we made sure the Dribblebuster we sent was the right colour for each baby. Testers' feedback was extremely positive. Most Testers were surprised that such an ingenious product was available. With such great comments, we were delighted to give the Dribblebuster® a TIPS Clever Design award. You can read the full review here
Dribblebuster® is the original designer dribble bib. Back in 2007 Dribblebuster® designer bibs fastened with velcro. Nowadays they fasten with adjustable poppers and are made with an even more absorbent cotton backing. Dribblebusters® come in a wide selection of designs - all available from their website - a large variety of Liberty print fabrics including Tana lawn. Accessories, including hair bands and baby bloomers, have also been added to the range. Our lovely model (pictured above) is wearing baby bloomers and matching Eloise Dribblebuster® dribble bib!

For a chance to win 1 of 5 Dribblebuster bibs check out mini-competition 1

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 tipsduck:: Featured tipsducktipsducktipsduck website 1 tipsducktipsducktipsduckThe Twins Gift Company -


logos ~ @TheTwinsGiftCom

It's fair to say that being 50-year-old identical twins has defined the lives of sisters and Twin Gift Company business partners Karen Davidson and, Lindsey Civil. Born to a mother who is also a twin, the Northamptonshire based sisters have made the most of their twin status ever since they were children. When they were 16, they traded places on April Fool's Day and even swapped schools for a whole day unbeknown to their teachers and peers. Born just ten minutes apart, it was perhaps inevitable that the sisters would one day set aside their professional backgrounds (as banker and holiday cottage proprietor) to become business partners. So in September 2011 the sisters launched The Twin Gift Company ( This online shop is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ store for twin and multiple birth gifts.
Pat White, Karen and Lindsey’s mum, supported the Department of Twin Research at St Thomas' Hospital throughout the girls' childhood and teenage years. As adults, Karen and Lindsey have carried on supporting this work, volunteering to take part in the valuable research and experiments into the genetics of complex diseases, with a particular focus on age-related trait diseases.
It was during one of these twin day-trips that Karen presented Lindsey with a poignant Two Pearls in a pod pendant by leading British contemporary designer Sonya Bennett. The novelty of such an unusual gift inspired the sisters to launch a store full of equally beautiful and meaningful gifts especially for twins, multiples and their families. Until then, little choice was available in this special yet significant market: Karen and Lindsey decided they would be the women to change this.
Laughing in the face of the old adage never mix business with family, Karen Davidson admits that she could not imagine a life which was not intertwined with that of her twin Lindsey.
“Lindsey and I have very different strengths and weaknesses so the division of labour comes very naturally to us, and surprisingly we never argue. ”
Created by twins, for twins, The Twin Gift Company is far more than just a business, it is a passion.
We think you will agree that this innovative website provides some great ideas for presents to buy twins and larger multiples.
To find out more:

For a chance to win a 'Be kind to your twins...' plaque check out mini-competition 5

tipsduck:: Featured tipsducktipsducktipsduck website 2 tipsducktipsducktipsduckBig Green Smile - 


illustration ~ @BigGreenSmile

Introduction by Sharon Trotter:
I have known about Big Green Smile for a while, but it's only recently that I decided to find out more about this innovative company. My daughter lives in the Netherlands and often finds it hard to get some of her favourite household, baby and personal care eco-friendly products. Although there are many online UK suppliers the service they offer is not always very good and overseas shipping costs can be prohibitive. So when she found the Dutch Big Green Smile website, she placed an order and was delighted with her experience: customer service was excellent and products competitively priced. Big Green Smile offers a wide range of products so you can order all your eco-friendly brands from just one place.
I was keen to find out if the British website would offer the same excellent service, and placed an order. Big Green Smile emailed me regular tracking the parcel and letting me have details of the courier. My parcel arrived on time, in perfect condition and well packaged using eco-friendly materials (see photo). I will certainly be ordering from Big Green Smile again and can highly recommend their friendly and super-efficient service.
Big Green Smile: how it all began...
In 2006 there was a hosepipe ban (one that wasn’t immediately followed by six months of rain). To help people save water in the home, Big Green Smile (BGS) founders Alasdair, Ben and Nick got together and decided to sell water saving devices. Customers loved these and following a promotional campaign on TV, 5000 shower timers were sold in less than four hours! In 2007 the boys took a deep breath, gave up their day jobs and committed to the BGS business full-time. The rest, as they say, is history.
BGS offers the widest choice of organic, natural and environmentally friendly products in the UK, have lots of loyal customers and look forward to welcoming even more …
In 2008, BGS moved to a warehouse in Langley to make sure they could provide an exceptional service to customers (and stock a huge range of products). They hired pickers, packers, a really excellent customer service team, and plenty of lorry parking. With all that extra space the range exploded to 1,500 in just 18 months. But it's not just about the range. BGS wanted customers to keep coming back so they worked hard to provide a level of customer care second to none. Happily all this hard work paid off, because customers did come back … and back … and back again. So in 2012 BGS opened its virtual doors with three new websites in France, Germany and the Netherlands joining the BGS family. Where will they open next?
To find out more:

For a chance to win a £50 voucher check out mini-competition 6

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tipsducktipsduck:: book review 1  :: :: tipsduckThe Happy Sleeper - The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep—Newborn to School Agetipsduck

By Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright ~ Published by Scribe UK (January 2015) - £12.99
Website  ~ @thehappysleeper
Most people expect sleep deprivation with a newborn in the house – but what about when your child is still waking at night years later? Parents are often advised to try either ‘cry it out’ or ‘attachment parenting’ methods, but The Happy Sleeper by sleep experts Julie Wright and Heather Turgeon offers a different way. Using an approach rooted in making babies and children feel safe, secure and happy in their bedtime routines so that they can learn to self soothe, The Happy Sleeper offers practical advice for parents wanting to create good sleeping habits, or undo poor ones.
The book addresses issues such as:

  • Developing an effective bedtime routine, adapting this to a baby’s needs as they grow older, and integrating routines for multiple children
  • Taking a ‘curious stance’ to spot when a baby has outgrown parental soothing and developed their own methods
  • Combating bedtime resistance and frequent wake ups using the Soothing Ladder, Sleep Wave and Reverse Sleep Wave techniques
  • Comforting children after nightmares without creating unhelpful sleep associations, and supporting children through night terrors
  • Helping children continue to sleep well through changes and disruptions such as: starting school, additions to the family, Daylight Saving Time, moving house, and even going on holiday.

Broken down into chapters covering baby, toddler, child and even parent sleep, The Happy Sleeper answers questions about every imaginable sleep-related problem: from colic and sleep regression, to moving into a big bed.
Review by TIPS Parent Tester:
This book provides different techniques for settling your baby to sleep and claims to help parents to ‘avoid and undo cumbersome sleep habits’ and ‘provide guidance on how to be sensitive and nurturing, but also structured’.
The first age range is from 0-4 months and I agree with most of the techniques or have been using them already. The soothing ladder makes sense though I found that now I know my baby better I tend to react to her sounds differently as I have learnt what each sound means. The 90-minute window, which is mentioned for how baby sleeps through the day, seems to be pretty accurate but as shift workers, we do not always honour the set nap times in a set place.
My daughter is only 4 months old so although I’ve read the next age range, which is 5 months – 2 years, I cannot yet try the techniques. However, on reading the next section I feel somewhat confused. In the beginning, the book claims not to use methods like ‘crying it out’ yet in this age range you are encouraged to leave baby alone and awake in bed to learn to ‘self-soothe’. If she cries, leave her for 5 minutes then come back into the room but don’t comfort the child, just say a set dialogue and then leave the room again for another 5 minutes without going near the baby. This may seem ok with an older child but with a 5 month old baby?! To me it seems a little harsh. As I said, I cannot try these techniques yet but not sure I would be willing to. However, if you read the excerpts from parents within the book, you are of course led to believe that they work well and after only 2-3 nights your child should no longer cry. There is, of course, lots of other information and tips in this section that are useful and give a balanced opinion on how bed and naptime should be organised which I enjoyed reading.
As I said before, I have real mixed feelings about this book. I would recommend this book to other parents as there are a lot of good points and pieces of information in it but I would point out that (as with all books on the subject of childcare) you should take from it what you think will work best for you and your family. There are some good pointers and tips in the book but also some things that I disagree with and personally wouldn’t do. But then, parenting in general is such a personal thing and there is no right or wrong way if the child is happy, loved and cared for.

For a chance to win 1 copy of ‘Happy Sleeper' check out mini-competition 2

tipsducktipsduck:: book review 2  ::tipsducktipsduckBreast Intentions: how women sabotage breastfeeding for themselves and others


facebook-et-twitter-logos ~ @alphaparent

By Allison Dixley - Published by Pinter & Martin (November 2014) - £11.99
This is what Allison Dixley herself has to say about it:
Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this dark and sinister cover would be better suited to a thriller novel rather than a breastfeeding guide – and that’s the point! Breast Intentions is NOT your average breastfeeding manual. The book takes you through the twisted world of mother-upon-mother manipulation, shining a spotlight upon the murkiest inner conflicts inherent within the maternal psyche.
The cover features a mother clutching her baby. What’s that expression in her eyes.. Concern? Resentment? Guilt? Malice? Well, that’s for you to decide. The mother clearly loves her baby as she holds him close to her bosom, yet there’s tension between the dyad, as well as tension within the mother herself. The cover taps into the postpartum taboo - that motherhood (particularly early motherhood) is not all gurgling babies and exchange of blissful stares. Rather, early motherhood is wrought with tension - with guilt, envy, defensiveness and sabotage.
Review by TIPS Parent Tester:
Despite The Alpha Parent's following of almost 44K on facebook and over 5K on Twitter, reviews for this book have not been positive. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I sent a copy of Breast Intentions to one of our TIPS Parent Testers (herself a passionate breastfeeder) and here is her review:
As a mum of three breastfed babies I was looking forward to reading this book but I really struggled, and only managed to force myself to read it to the end as I was asked to review it for TIPS. As an avid reader of many genres I have never had such difficulty reading a book before. This was just painful. I tried really hard to find something to praise, one positive thing to say about it but I just couldn't.
I found the writing patronising, disparaging and overly harsh. I don't know who the author's intended audience is but feel that she alienates all mums with her judgemental and critical tone.
She may have a point in that woman can sometimes sabotage their breastfeeding success but it seems to her that no reason to stop breastfeeding is valid enough and everything is just an excuse. Even though I had many difficulties establishing breastfeeding I was successful in the end, and still the author manages to get my back up with her superior tone and condescending language. Intention and commitment to breastfeeding definitely plays a large role in whether you are successful or not but there are ways to explain this without the severe judgement and superiority complex bat that is present throughout this book.
Having finally dragged myself kicking to the end of the book I eventually reached the epilogue which does include a few gems that would be particularly useful for expectant mums and new mums alike. However Alison manages to deliver them in such a harsh manner that she sabotages her message.
I would not recommend this book to anyone and certainly would not have finished reading it myself except for the fact that I wanted to give the book the best chance of a fair review.

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 tipsducktipsducktipsduckFeatured charity :: The Little Princess Trust tipsducktipsduck ~ @LPTrustUK
Founded in 2007, The Little Princess Trust is a children’s cancer charity. The Trust provides free real-hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer, for the duration of their treatment. Some boys and girls cope remarkably well with hair loss, but for others this can be very upsetting.
Although the Trust can also help children who suffer hair loss as a result of other conditions (for example alopecia), they can provide these children with one real-hair wig - this is assist families as they make long term plans to deal with the hair loss.
Each wig is extremely delicate and only lasts for 4-6 months. This is why the Trust is always looking for the hair donations that make such a huge difference to the lives of many children. The Trust works with professional suppliers and experienced hairdressers to supply beautiful wigs suited to each child’s needs, giving the most realistic look and feel (as close as possible to their own hair). The Trust strives to put parents and guardians in contact with suppliers in their area.
A high profile donation came from singer, songwriter Jessie J. She donated her famous black locks on Friday 15 March 2013, following her live TV head shave during the Comic Relief telethon. Tim Wheeler, Chair of Trustees of the Trust said: 'This is wonderful news for the charity and for everyone associated with it. The Trust is grateful to every person who chooses to support the charity but we are obviously thrilled to receive the support of a pop superstar as this really helps to raise awareness of what we do. I would like to thank Jessie sincerely for her kind hair donation, which will form part of a wig for a child who is currently experiencing hair loss.'
Here is how you can support this excellent cause:

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tipsducktipsduck Featured event :March for Mothers  tipsducktipsduck Sunday 29 March 

logos ~ @HealthPoverty


March for Mothers sponsored walk in aid of Health Poverty Action -
Sunday 29 March - 11.30am at Greenwich Park (Blackheath entrance)
March for Mothers raises money for mothers in the world’s poorest communities; it is an event for the whole family, mums, dads, children, aunties, uncles, and friends and is suitable for all ages!
800 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. News of a pregnancy should be a time of joy and celebration, but for women in poor countries it is often a time of fear. The risk of childbirth is usually because women find themselves a long way from the nearest health centre. By taking part in a March for Mothers in your local area you can join Health Poverty Action in raising awareness and funds to help ensure women receive the essential healthcare they deserve. The money raised can help Health Poverty Action improve access to health services, through mobile clinics/ constructed birth waiting homes, whilst training birth attendants in life saving emergency childbirth care.
If you take part in the sponsored walk, please meet on the grass opposite Greenwich Park (Blackheath entrance) at 11.00am. The walk takes approximately 60 minutes and we ask people to join us by bringing cakes to share on our picnic blanket after. March for Mothers is an event for the whole family; please invite your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and grandparents along! We hope to celebrate completing the march by playing games and offering face painting for the kids!

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tipsduck:: NeW :Ne:: Ne::NeW : tipsducktipsduck Talking point: In the UK,  new parents get tea and toast after birth – but what happens in other countries? tipsducktipsduck  

Introduction by Sharon:
I am sure most of us will agree how wonderful the hot buttered toast and cup of NHS tea tasted after our babies were born – no tea or toast since has tasted so good!
So when my daughter recently gave birth to her first baby in the Netherlands I was intrigued to find out what snack she would be offered. To my surprise she got a dry rusk biscuit spread with butter and topped with pink aniseed flavoured sprinkles (these are blue for a boy). These sprinkles are called Muisjes (little mice in Dutch) because they are shaped like little mice, with the stem of the aniseed resembling a tail. I wanted to know more and came across this great article on Wikipedia:
It seems this has been a tradition in the Netherlands since the 17th century, and finding this out got me thinking. Why do we offer parents tea and toast in the UK, and what snacks do new parents get in other parts of the world? Who better to ask than TIPS followers on facebook and twitter?
Here are some of the replies we got:

  • In my country - Czech Republic, the new mums get after the birth (in the hospital) either a kind of porridge or a soup :)
  • Fascinating! And interesting that even though Rosie was born at home (in the UK), and I could have eaten anything I fancied, I still opted for the good old tea and toast!
  • I suspect we offer it because it is cheap and fills you up, carbs for energy after that energy expensive labour! X
  • I have been speculating for some time about the possibility of heightened taste/smell response in the new mother offering an evolutionary advantage related to mother baby interaction. It follows logically from the heightened sensitivity we observe to light and sound in the woman deep in her labour. Maybe it is facilitated by high oxytocin levels. I absolutely remember the intense deliciousness of what on another day would have been a rather nasty piece of flabby NHS toast and the horrid (but wonderful tasting) tea that came with it. Is there an unrecognised phenomenon happening here? I feel a blog/journal article coming on.
  • Here in Australia we are fairly similar in that tea and toast is offered, but most mums want vegemite on their toast (bleugh)
  • Hey, we were offered sandwiches (open) with hot chocolate. With the added bonus of a little flagpole with a Swedish flag on the tray :-) [from Sweden]
  • In Korea we eat seaweed soup: SeaMama Wakame, or Miyeok in Korean is a subtly sweet and versatile sea vegetable most often used in soups and salads. The sea vegetable is dark tiny tight curls and is thoroughly washed and ready for use right out of the bag. Wakame has high levels of calcium, iodine, thiamine and niacin and is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. It is low in sodium, fat and cholesterol free. In Eastern medicine it has been used for blood purification, intestinal strength, healthy skin, hair and reproductive organs, and menstrual regularity. In Korea, new mothers for centuries have eaten a Wakame soup to assist in their postpartum recovery and rejuvenation (see the SeaMama story below). And studies have found that a compound found in Wakame known as fucoxanthin can help burn fatty tissue – just one more great reason to eat more Wakame. SeaMama Wakame Spirals come in a re-sealable ziplock bag. Once opened securely seal the package and place it in the refrigerator. The Wakame has a long shelf life and is indicated on each package.

The SeaMama Story

product photo
For centuries, new mothers in Korea have eaten seaweed soup to help recover from the birth and build up their strength. According to ancient Korean folklore, this tradition came from observing female whales who would look for and eat strands of seaweed after giving birth. Today, seaweed soup still remains a staple food in a new mother's diet in Korean culture. After giving birth, women traditionally eat seaweed soup every day for three straight weeks. According to Korean elders, the rich nutrients found in seaweed nourish and rejuvenate the mother to help bring her body back into balance and well-being. This soup is also served on people's birthdays - a bit like a birthday cake. For these reasons, seaweed holds a meaningful and close connection to birth and life. Today, seaweed is recognized as a vital part of healthy and natural diets worldwide.
Ingredients: Wakame seaweed Net Wt 1.4oz (40g)

If you know of any other traditions regarding first snacks eaten after birth then please email me : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post on our social media channels logos or @TIPSLtd

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 tipsduck:: Featured DVD tipsducktipsducktipsduck Shaun The Sheep - Flock To The Floor tipsducktipsducktipsduck 

Cert. U ~ 10 episodes: Combined running time: 70 mins approx ~ RRP: £9.99
Bonus content: 5 brand new Morph episodes from Aardman, the makers of Shaun the Sheep!


logos ~ @shaunthesheep

Shaun the Sheep first appeared in A Close Shave - Nick Park’s Academy-Award winning Wallace and Gromit film: Since then, the world’s most famous sheep has continued to enthral television audiences in over 170 countries – this compilation DVD will make 2015 a ‘Year of The Sheep’ to remember!
Get your party on as Shaun the Sheep starts the year on a high with the release of Shaun The Sheep - Flock To The Floor on 26 January. This is as a warm-up to the theatrical release of Shaun the Sheep The Movie on 6 February!
Shaun is a sheep who doesn’t follow the flock. In fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes, turning the peaceful Mossy Bottom Farm into mayhem in the meadow! Shaun and his pals run rings around their poor sheepdog Bitzer, as he tries to stop the farmer finding out what’s going on behind his back.
In this compilation, the attention to detail, impeccable set designs and ingenious plot lines will not disappoint - and the bonus Morph episodes are an extra treat that are well worth watching!
To find out more:

For a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of this DVD check out mini-competition 3

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured app 1 :: Flush Toilet Finder apptipsducktipsduck

free app built by Jake Ruston
University of East Anglia student launches world-wide toilet finder app...

Jake Ruston has launched a free app to help people find their closest public toilets. The Flush Toilet Finder app works worldwide from an existing database of 100,000 public toilets. But it also allows users to add the locations of toilets not already listed.
This app will be particularly useful for people with conditions such as Crohn’s and IBS, and for anyone visiting an area they are not familiar with. Pregnant women and new mums are bound to find it especially helpful too.
Jake Ruston said:
“The app accesses your GPS location to locate all the public conveniences in your area. There are already 100,000 toilets listed in its database, however we are also crowd-sourcing information to add additional facilities. The app also provides information about whether toilets have disabled access, whether people need to obtain a key for access, and whether the facilities are free or not.
I got the idea after making an app for the London underground. A lot of people were asking me to include details of toilet facilities for London, but I decided to go bigger and design something for the whole world. I asked my family and friends about whether they thought it would be useful and they all thought it was a great idea. I think it will be really useful for almost everyone - but especially for people who are new to an area, visitors and tourists, and particularly for people with conditions such as Crohn’s or IBS.”

tipsducktipsduckFeatured app 2 :Sleep Baby Sleep apptipsducktipsduck 

free app by Pirate Monkey Studios LLC

My daughter came across this app when trying to find a way to calm her new baby who was suffering from colic. Sleep Baby Sleep is a FREE app made especially for busy parents by a busy parent. This app will help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Select and start a white noise with just one click, and watch your precious one be gently lulled to sleep.
My granddaughter particularly enjoyed the running water noise which magically sent her off to sleep within seconds! This is such a simple idea but it REALLY works and is child's play to use...
Sleep Baby Sleep includes six white noises:
- fan
- hairdryer
- vacuum cleaner
- heartbeat
- running water
- womb sounds
You can start and stop the white noise manually, or use preset the app using the built-in timer.
Sweet dreams!

tipsducktipsduckFeatured app 3 :A day at the park with Sarah and Duck apptipsducktipsduck  

£2.99/€4.49/$4.99 available from:
iTunes - Google Play - Amazon

BBC Worldwide and Scary Beasties have launched the first official pre-school app featuring CBeebies' favourites, Sarah & Duck. The rich and beautiful animations that won the TV show its recent BAFTA, allow children to immerse themselves in the amazing world of Sarah & Duck by playing engaging games and activities.
With this app, pre-schoolers and fans of the series are invited to join Sarah & Duck for a fun-packed day at the park. Players can interact with their favourite characters across 6 charmingly animated games. This lets children aged from 2 to 6 to develop their imagination and problem-solving skills through different game-playing styles. For grown-ups' peace of mind, there is also a gated area with a help section that ensures a child-friendly gaming experience.
Children can play hide and seek with Duck, create and fly their own unique kite, feed the hungry ducks and help Umbrella avoid the puddles. At the end of every game, players are rewarded with animated objects and characters. These can be collected and used in a dynamic scene creator where children get to build their very own park.
Peter Hickman, BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment Children’s Producer said: “It took us nearly a year and an extensive global search to find the right development partner capable of creating a world-class app for Sarah & Duck. We finally found Scary Beasties, a London-based company who specialises in children’s software, and we knew they would be the perfect partner for BBC Worldwide and Karrot Entertainment.”
For more about this app go to:

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tipsducktipsduckFeatured My Story :: Weaning a breastfed baby from nipple shields....tipsducktipsduck

Our Our latest My Story follows Tara's journey to wean her baby from using nipple shields. In my experience nipple shields can be extremely difficult to stop using because the baby is used to the smell, texture and shape, but with perseverance it can be done. Tara sought help from her local breastfeeding group, researched the subject and received ongoing support from those around her which undoubtedly helped her during this frustrating period. You can read Tara’s My Story here...

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tipsducktipsduckDiary of a (not so) newly qualified midwife. . . 2 years on! :: tipsducktipsduck

Introduction by Sharon:

We first met Kelly back in November 2009 when she wrote her first 'Diary of a student midwife' in our TIPS e-newsletter 18. We followed her as she coped with the up's and down's of life as a student, not to mention juggling the demands of motherhood to her young daughter and studying. However, it was worth all the hard work and we were thrilled to announce Kelly's graduation as a qualified midwife in September 2012! Two years on we are delighted to bring you right up to date. Kelly tells us about her newly increased family (baby no.2 arrived in 2013) and how she has finally secured the job of her dreams. Read her updated story below:
I can't believe that almost two years have elapsed since my last update, I have now been a qualified midwife for two years and six months. . . and three years before that I became a student midwife. It hardly seems possible that Midwifery has been a part of my life for five and a half years, though in the same instance, I can't remember a time where it wasn't. As ever, these past two years have been as eventful as those preceding, and have passed equally as quickly! I have so many thoughts spinning, so much to say... my mam always says I could talk a glass eye to sleep, so perhaps I'll choose carefully which parts to share ;-)
I guess it would be most sensible to start where I left you last time.
My first job as a qualified midwife took me away from the trust where I trained, to a much bigger regional hospital not too far away. To say this was an overwhelming prospect would be the biggest understatement. In fact the thought of being a newly qualified midwife anywhere other than where I trained was terrifying. But, lack of funding for jobs across the country meant I had no other option than to do just that.
I'm sure I have mentioned previously that my training trust, whilst still a consultant led unit, is a small hospital with around 2,000 births per year. While there were complicated, high risk situations, my experiences as a student midwife consisted largely of normal, low risk women and babies. In many respects this was a positive thing, and I certainly achieved well above the requisite 40 births to enable me to qualify. However (and there usually is one, isn’t there??), there is a downside to this. I felt that I lacked experience of 'high risk' and high dependency care. I felt I hadn't spent enough time in theatre, I hadn't assisted in enough instrumental deliveries, I hadn't assisted with enough epidural sitings. . . you see, the list was endless.
Moving to a busy regional unit was a tall order... With triple the number of births per year, with all sorts of high risk women and babies and health conditions (pre existing and pregnancy related). It was sink or swim, just me, on my own. Suddenly I was going to be accountable for all those decisions, actions I had been so ready to make as a third year student. And then factoring my heavily pregnant state. . . Would I cope out of my comfort zone?
Admittedly, the reality was nothing like I had anticipated. Yes, it was busy, overwhelmingly busy. Yes, it was medicalised, yes, I felt out of my comfort zone at times. But you know, I was OK with that. It was challenging me every day, and I was doing and seeing things I'd never heard of in my life. But the thing is, I wasn't alone. I had been silly to assume that would be the case really. The support I got from my colleagues was unflinching, mainly from more experienced midwives, but even from my newly qualified peers. That's the thing about great teams, they function best together!! No man is an island, or so they say.
So, I worked on delivery suite for a grand total of 13 weeks before going on maternity leave, and I can't tell you how valuable that experience was. I went off on maternity leave feeling I had consolidated many new high risk experiences with my already good grounding in 'normality'. And that 'normality' in itself turned out to be more important than I had first thought. I mean, I had moved to a high risk environment and that required some adaption on my part, but I think with a good understanding of promoting normality in childbirth, you can make that work in even the most challenging of high risk situations. I'm not sure that would work so well the other way around.
And, about that maternity leave :-) I was 35 weeks pregnant when I finished work. Utterly exhausted having worked 13 hour days on an extremely busy labour ward for the preceding three months! In that time I also experienced my first leg cramps in the middle of the night- and I promise I'm only exaggerating a tiny bit when I say they were worse than giving birth ;-) So I was more than ready to be finished.
The following weeks were spent preparing for our new arrival, and enjoying a few weeks of the summer holidays with our firstborn, who was 5 and a half at that time. Having given birth before 40 weeks first time around, I was frustrated and exhausted to reach full term, and eventually made it to five days past my due date! After accepting, in desperation, a membrane sweep, labour finally started.
Our second daughter was born at home that summer evening weighing a healthy 8lbs 11oz. She arrived quickly into the world with a hearty cry, and was named Rosie for her fiery red hair! I loved having her at home, and being surrounded by midwives who were also friends. Just lovely, normal, exhilarating. Rosie's birth is potentially a whole other diary to be written, one I may be persuaded to share in time. At the moment it is too personal, too precious an experience to share with the world, as I'm sure you'll understand.
I spent a blissful maternity leave at home with her, and continued breast feeding past seven months. We stopped breastfeeding prior to my return to work when Rosie was eight months old. I was sad to end then to be honest, and wish I had made it fit with my working life. But I am so appreciative of lasting to that point, it was such a lovely bonding experience for both of us.
I returned to work in April 2014 and completed a stint on postnatal ward, which I enjoyed very much, so much so that my three month rotation passed by in a heartbeat. I then returned to labour ward where I was to be for four months. I felt the same nervous anticipation going back, worrying that I wouldn't be given the same support I had when I was on my first rotation. I needn't have worried: I had chat with the matron who offered me a two week supernumerary period, so I could work alongside another midwife until I got back into the swing of things. I had no problems however, and after a week I felt confident enough to go it alone again. It's amazing how things come flooding back!
A few months in to my labour ward rotation an opportunity came up at the trust where I spent my student days: a community midwife post. I always knew long term that I wanted to be a community midwife, but I had never considered doing so this early in my career. I wasn't sure whether or not I was experienced enough, or even whether I felt ready for the challenge. After a lot of consideration though, I realised it could be instrumental in striking a better work / life balance.
Working 13 hour days when you've two children is not only exhausting, but sometimes it's unfair and disheartening. I have always felt torn between family life and work commitments, and I know this isn't the first time I've said it.
Midwifery is a vocation, a life in itself almost. It isn't the kind of work you can leave at work! It takes dedication. At times that means working over your shift, going to work when you're off duty for meetings, training, to write reports, sometimes bringing work home with you. It is hard to strike a balance, and the guilt when the home life balance is tipped by work commitments is hard to bear. I remembered how much guilt I felt when I was a student missing out on so much of Ruby's early years, and realised I didn't want to do that a second time, it isn't fair on anyone. So I took tentative steps towards making that better for us all. I was thrilled to be offered the position, which meant more sociable hours, being closer to home, and an end to working long days and night shifts.
In November 2014, more than two years after I had left, I returned 'home' to where I had spent my student days. I have been a community midwife for just over three months now, and so far, I have no doubt that this has been the right move for me and my family. Not only are the hours more family friendly, but I am finding my new role equally as rewarding as being a labour ward midwife. I remember my first ever placement as a student and how much of a bond I felt with the women, how much I joy I felt in getting to know them, and seeing them transition from anxious, excited pregnant women into fledgling mothers. Seeing their awe in what their bodies have created, and sharing in their excitement. . . what could be more fulfilling than that? That’s how I feel now. This is where I need to be.
Catching babies is still just as exhilarating, but it is a small part in the continuum, and we as midwives have much more to offer than just that.
So that's where I'm at just now. It's been a journey, but one worth taking- I feel settled, comfortable, at home and familiar. I love my work and I can't imagine enjoying any other profession as much, it's like slipping on those proverbial 'old slippers'. I have re read every instalment of my diary before writing this and many things I wrote in those early days still ring true today.
I am unceasingly awed by the strength of women, and of the miracles they perform each day. The simplest, yet most complicated, the age-old, yet each day renewed, miracle of having babies.
With love and thanks, Kelly xx 

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tipsducktipsduck :: TIPS top value :: IKEA Antilop Highchair ::tipsducktipsduck

Highchair with safety belt: £9 (item 290.672.93) - Tray: £4 (item 400.760.93) - Supporting cushion £6 (item 902.518.24) - Assembled size: Width: 58 cm, Depth: 62 cm, Height: 90 cm

This is a wee gem of a highchair and it's the cheapest on the market! It's perfect for baby-led weaning: can be placed close to the family dining table or fitted with a wide tray to catch all the mess. It's very easy to clean and comes with a safety belt. The wide angle of the chair legs provides excellent stability. A supporting booster cushion is also available. This comes in a bright red, white and blue colour-way, is inflatable and comes with a washable cover - this is very important for messy eaters!
I first read about this highchair in my favourite baby-led weaning book: Baby led weaning - step by step by Julie Clark and check out our featured baby-led weaning pictures of Jack: his mummy obviously agrees with us!

tipsducktipsduck :: TIPS top tip 1 :: Money saving tips for parents of multiples... :: tipsducktipsduckby Karen and Lindsey of The Twins Gift Company


logos ~ @TheTwinsGiftCom

If you are the parent of twins, you might struggle with the financial implications. Not only are the daily expenses of looking after baby doubled but you need to purchase much of the equipment twice!

Bringing up children, especially multiples, is an expensive business but the good news is that parents of twins are extremely resourceful! However, having twins automatically grants you membership of the exclusive ‘twin club’.
Parenting multiples is doubly rewarding and speaking to other parents of twins is by far the best way of getting the advice and support you need.
Joining a twins club and becoming a member of the Twins & Multiple Births Association (Tamba) ( are wonderful ways of accessing great resources and finding out about discounts especially for multiples. Making the most of vouchers and sales is a really good way to save some money. Lots of twins clubs set up selling pages on social media: this is where you can buy goods at a fraction of the cost of new items. Outlet and clearance stores also offer heavily discounted end of line goods.
Money saving ideas:

  • Breastfeed if you can. This is the ultimate money saver!
  • Baby led weaning is cheaper than buying ready-made baby food - just give the little ones big people food.
  • Charity shops are a great place for toys: just pop the toys in the dishwasher before giving them to the little ones!
  • Have a baby shower, and don’t be shy to ask for things you need.
  • Remember that trainee nannies are always looking for placements.
  • Dress your twins differently, and their selection of clothes has doubled!
  • Make the most of vouchers; spend a few minutes researching the best offers.
  • Shop at Aldi and Lidl: they have great discounted lines all year round.
  • Make room for new toys by selling some of the old ones. Check Twin Clubs Facebook pages: they are really good for this.
  • Stock up on things you use all the time (wipes, nappies etc) when they're on offer.

To find out more about Karen and Lindsey's Twins Gift Company:

tipsducktipsduck :: TIPS top tip 2 :: Cotton wool options :: tipsducktipsduck


Cotton wool is an essential purchase for every new parent, especially during the first month of life. The safest way to clean your newborn baby's skin is with cotton wool and plain water, as recommended by your midwife. Where possible, use unbleached cotton wool preferably organic.. Here are three great buys and three different ways to use cotton wool: pleats, balls or large square pads. They are all easy to use with warm water and they are ideal for each nappy change or top'n'tail session.
They really are a Must Have!

tipsducktipsduck :: TIPS top tip 3 :: How do you choose a pushchair - a guide by Casual Play :: tipsducktipsduck


Find the guide online:

Watch the animated version on the website:

Which is the best pushchair?
This is one of the most common questions parents ask when expecting a child. Spanish child products company Casualplay have produced a handy poster that tells you everything you need to know about buying a pushchair, in a funny little guide brilliantly illustrated by Agustina Guerrero.
The arrival of Agustina Guerrero's first baby was a life-changing experience for her. As a new mum she was keen to share her story with other parents. This is when the collaboration with Casualplay started to create this humorous illustrated guide, full of tips about choosing the best pushchair for you. In the guide, the cartoon character (Volátil) asks all the questions parents should ask themselves when choosing a pushchair.
So who is Volátil?
A new mother who sees the world in another way! The cartoon character drawn by Agustina is a lovely and expressive girl in her thirties, who has her own particular vision of the world. Having become a mother, Agustina decided to share her reflections and experiences with other parents, through illustrations full of fresh and spontaneous humour. 'These drawings deal with the doubts that all the new parents have when choosing the pushchair for their baby. I found myself in this situation and I am sure that many parents will find these tips very useful, because they easily identify themselves with the drawings', says Agustina.
Why produce this guide?
It is absolutely unique in the way it lists all the questions parents should ask themselves when choosing a pushchair, in a humorous way! There are so many different kinds of pushchairs: 3 or 4 wheeled strollers, super-light pushchair, buggy, travel system or all-terrain, etc.? How do you know which is best for your lifestyle?

  • Here are a few of the important things to consider when buying a pushchair: do you live in the country, or in a city? Do you use public transport? How big is your hallway? Do you live on the ground floor? Where will you store the pushchair?

To find out more about Agustina and Casualplay:

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 tipsducktipsduck:: Top Treat  :: Freida’s Feeding Food bar :: tipsducktipsduck


Freida's Pantry launch Freida’s Feeding Food bar
RRP: £1.35 per bar
Introducing the UK’s first breast milk-boosting food bar created by Freida’s Pantry: a nutritious blend of all natural ingredients, free from additives, that gives breastfeeding mums the boost they need, all in the convenience of individually wrapped bars. The traditional recipe of oats, nuts and seeds has been developed with a nutritionist to ensure that it is perfectly balanced and packed full of galactalogues (natural ingredients which are known to promote milk supply).

For a chance to win 1 box of 10 Freida's bars check out mini-competition 4


In this issue...

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TIPS Testers' pix!
We are delighted to bring you our latest selection of wonderful photos, mostly sent in by our own Parent Testers. Please remember to keep sending us your photos (baby, toddler, scan, bump, dad, grandparent, family, breastfeeder, baby wearer or baby-led-weaning) and if you are lucky to be featured in a forthcoming e-newsletter we will send you a signed copy of Sharon’s book: Breastfeeding the essential guide.
TIPS baby 1
baby photo 
Here is an adorable picture of baby Daisy who is enjoying a wee nap.
TIPS baby 2
baby photo
A gorgeous photo of Harriette age 9, cuddling her 10 week old baby cousin Imogen.
TIPS baby 3 
baby photo
Here is my son Miles who celebrated his 18th Birthday last month - cannot believe he is all grown up!
TIPS baby 4
Thank you to mum Tracy for sharing these adorable shots of baby Jake who is just learning to eat his feet and we just love that charming wee grin!
TIPS breastfeeder 
Here is my daughter Ashley breastfeeding my granddaughter while playing peekaboo!
TIPS toddler 1
Axel and Clara enjoying some rough and tumble together!
TIPS toddler 2 
toddler photo
Daddy helps Emeline to build her new Peppa Pig tent.
TIPS bump

We think you will agree that these are a lovely set of 'bump' pictures, sent in to us by Parent Tester Karen. Big brother Ewan welcomed baby brother Luke soon after these photos were taken!

TIPS babywearer


Here is a lovely picture of mummy wearing baby Mia and showing us exactly how a baby wrap is tied (see reflection in the mirror)
TIPS family
Brother Axel and big sister Clara giving us some very cheeky grins!
TIPS scan
We love these scan pictures (age 12 and 20 weeks) of a baby who seems to enjoy sucking his or her thumb in the womb! Thank you to our Parent Tester for sharing these precious pics with us.
 TIPS Baby-led-weaning 1
Here are some great shots of Jack attempting to perfect his baby-led-weaning skills!
TIPS Baby-led-weaning 2
Here is big brother Ewan teaching his wee brother Luke (see also our bump pictures) how to pick up the necessary skills for baby-led-weaning! 
Babycare – back to basics™ leaflet (version 9) hot off the press!


This leaflet won the first Nursing in Practice Dermatology Award in 2008 and was also shortlisted for two General Practice Awards in 2011. Version 9 is hot off the press and will be distributed around the UK at various professional and parenting events. Health professionals and maternity units can buy hard copies – email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
for more information. As well as all the hints and tips you need about baby skincare, skin-to-skin contact and feeding but, this leaflet now includes the latest and safest advice on reducing the risk of cot death. Version 9 includes a handy QR code to use it with your smart phones. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like a free copy.

My Baby Radio - podcasts



New desktop radio player available! Launched on DAB digital radio in April 2010 - Broadcasting across Cheshire, Staffordshire and North East Wales. Sharon's interviews about breast feeding, tongue-tie, baby skincare, cup feeding, baby baths, cuddle towels, decongestants and much more are broadcast regularly. You can also download them here....

If you would like to listen to My Baby Radio directly from your desktop, and without visiting the website, you can download the new desktop radio player (you will need to have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on your PC or laptop). Go to the My Baby Radio website to get the player.


TIPS competitions
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  • Check out the list of winners in our next e-newsletter – it could be you!
mini- competition 1


For a chance to win 1 of 5 Dribblebuster designer bibs (see pictures) email the word ‘Dribblebusters’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015 (remembering to say which Dribblebuster you would prefer: elephants; boats; strawberries; cars; or tartan). We will announce the winners in e-newsletter 37
mini- competition 2


For a chance to win a copy of the happy sleeper email the words ‘happy sleeper’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37
mini- competition 3
For a chance to win 1 of 3 Shaun the Sheep DVDs email the words ‘Shaun the Sheep’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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mini- competition 4


For a chance to win a box of 10 Freida’s Feeding Food bars (worth £10) email the words ‘Freida's Pantry’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37

mini- competition 5
For a chance to win a 'Be kind to your twins...' plaque (worth £19.99), email the word ‘Twins’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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mini- competition 6


For a chance to win a £50 Big Green Smile voucher to spend online, email the words 'Big Green Smile' to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37
mini- competition 7


For a chance to win a copy of Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery, email the word ‘Rastamouse’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37
mini- competition 8
For a chance to win a copy of Zoe and Beans - Hello Oscar, email the words ‘Hello Oscar’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37
mini- competition 9
For a chance to win a copy of Zoe and Beans - How many pets?, email the words ‘How many pets?’ to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 26 May 2015. We will announce the winner in e-newsletter 37
TIPS winners...


The lucky winner of Lives with Autism is Natalie from Vale of Glamorgan

The lucky winner of  a copy of Happy Hair is Stella from Greece

The 2 lucky winners of Parenting Inside Out are Ashley from The Netherlands and Christine from Hertfordshire

The lucky winner of the   Weleda Haircare Range is Emily from Surrey

The 2 lucky winners of  Readybeds are Jennifer from Cumbria and Sarah from South Yorkshire

The lucky winner of Elle TENS machine is Sofia from London

The lucky winner of Glow Skincare Soap Set is Elaine from Ayrshire

The lucky winners of the Carddies sets are Janet from Nottinghamshire, Audrey from West Yorkshire and Kerry from Ayrshire   

The lucky winner of the Ashton & Parsons Cath Kidson Gift Set is Pip from Kent

The lucky winner of 5 Amy’s Kitchen coupons, a mug and 2 tins of soup is Tara from County Durham

e-newsletter competition

The lucky winner of the Hills Hoist washing line (worth £189.99) is Wendy from Ayrshire

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